Watch: Leona Lewis Releases A Music Video For ‘Lovebird’


Every time I listen to a Leona Lewis song, I find myself wondering why I don’t listen to more Leona Lewis songs. She is kind of amazing… right? The British singer/songwriter has just released a new music video for Lovebird, the latest single off her┬áthird studio album Glassheart. It’s no Bleeding Love, but I’m definitely into the track. The video has some of those moments where it gets a bit too literal with the lyrics, but I could lit’rally stare at Leona’s face all day, lol. Peep the video for more! And check out the lyrics to Lovebird over at DirectLyrics. Leona’s been kinda MIA for a minute– do you think she’s ready for a comeback?



  • Matthew

    I want to like Leona. I really do. Her voice is great and she is very pretty, but for some reason all her songs kind of fall just short of the mark. I can’t really get into this one either.

    I think part of the problem is that she seems to want to do the type of diva power ballads that made Mariah and Celine famous in the early 90’s, but that type of thing isn’t really in anymore. Even Mariah herself has moved on from that. Celine wasn’t as flexible, so she’s doing Vegas. Anyway, best of luck to Leona.

  • nicole

    when Leona first came out, she was amazing. but when they tried to have her cross over to the US, they kept having her do songs that just didnt quite fit with her. this song seems like its in the right direction for her. she has an amazing voice, i just hope they find the right people for her to work with

  • Jay Jay

    I have been a Leona fan since her X-Factor days and I continue to be a fan of hers to this day. Her second and third album were not as good as her first but she still has an amazing voice and some damn good songs. One of the best things to come out of X-Factor for sure.

  • Xadax

    @Trent A Jigglypuff.