Watch: Gwen Stefani Joins Bush On Stage For A Performance Of ‘Glycerine’


Happily marrieds Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale delivered a special performance over the weekend when she surprised fans at KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas concert in LA by coming on stage for a duet performance of Glycerine with his band Bush. As far as I can tell, Gwen and Gavin haven’t performed publicly like this before so it was a big shock when she came out to perform with the band. The video above is a bit blurry but it does feature the entire performance and is worth checking out. I have to say, I’m a bit jealous that I wasn’t in attendance at this concert … this duet performance would’ve been AMAZING to see live.

  • mandylala

    LOVE!!! Gave me chills!

  • Casey Lynn

    That is sooooo awesome! I’m so glad you shared it! I can’t believe they haven’t performed together before.

  • Megan

    omg, how i wish i was there!!!

  • Vicky

    That is epic f*cking awesomness. Ridic. They need to re-release that song or go on tour together. Epic.

  • Spark

    I was there! Amazing to see this in person. This is the same concert that Gwen and Gavin met in the 90’s :)

  • blb

    my 90s self just peed her pants.

  • Jess

    Wow… they are an incredible couple, I do admire them!