Miley Cyrus Rocks A Bold New Look At The ‘Christmas Creampies’ Concert


By now we’ve all gotten used to Miley Cyrus’s latest look, but on Saturday she rocked a shorter ‘do and a sexy lil’ outfit at Borgore’s Christmas Creampies concert. Now, I already had beef with this guy over the wretchedness that was his Decisions track (featuring Miley), but now I really can’t get with him– Christmas Creampies?! Oh helll nawl! I’m so mad at that name, lol! Anyhoo, Miley was in the building (so were some strippers, apparently) looking all grown up. Do you guys like this look on Miley?

Photo Credit: Getty Images

  • Alyssa

    Eww!! She thinks she’s being unique and edgy but it does NOT suit her at all. She’ll be outing herself as a lesbian before we know it, guaranteed.
    Looks terrible.

    • richie

      only people who like her new look are lesbians! short hair looks awful on girls!

  • Ruby

    Gross. Bring the long hair back Miley. Or at least shoulder length!

  • miguel

    NO. NO. NO…Not digging the hair. Who told her she could transform into Sinead O’Connor!? Seriously, next time she changes her hair – she’s gonna be buzzed.

    I liked the pixie style, it was kinda cute, but now…NO. OMG, and those pants! Seriously, too tight around her waist. Girl needs to take a seat, work on that album, and let ha hair grow. Not buying it if she looks like Justin Beiber on the cover…NOPE.

    • Rachel

      I’m ok with the hair, but as you pointed out, that outfit does her NO favors!! She’s a skinny girl and those pants are giving her a muffin top? Instead of taking a seat, maybe she could take some pilates classes instead?

    • miguel

      LOLOL. “Take some pilates classes…”

      I didn’t want to directly focus on that, honestly. It’s not a weight issue here, it’s the fact that those pants are TOO small for her. She’s perfect the way she is, she’s worn other outfits that show more off, but they weren’t suffocating her hips/waist/BODY.

  • ClaireMichelle

    Noooo. She has such an amazing body, how did she pick an outfit that did absolutely nothing for it?! That outfit is terrible. C’mon Miley, don’t do this to me! Haha.

  • fmx

    Hello Miley Amber Rose.

    • emily

      I thought Amber Rose too! Not necessarily a good thing for Miley … Amber can pull it off. The hair is not terrible, it can be softened up with styling and jewelry. The outfit though … lordamercy.

  • nicole

    i actually dont completely hate this look. is the outfit flattering? no not really but its not the worst thing i’ve seen. the hair seems a bit too short now, but what i like out it is the fact it brings more attention to her eyes/facial features.

  • Dy

    I don’t mind the hair so much – think the main problem is how much crap she’s slathered all over it – but the pants are terrible! What was she thinking? She must have used vaseline to get into them and they make her stomach look huge.

  • Nat

    Alright-that outfit-coulda made it work if it had been a catsuit/bodysuit sans the gaps/bare midrif.This-just looks forced,the crotch zipper-painfull.The hair could work,but her eye brows,ears and facial expressions are too strong and make everything look harsh.Some women really can pull off the pixie or shorn look-but Miley-not so much.

  • sfmom

    I don’t know…I mean, for sure I think she looks ridiculous. But more than that…all this changing appearances makes me think she’s working through something. And that makes me wonder about her adorable fiance and how their relationship will handle her going down this freaky weird-o edgy chick (loook at me!! PlEASE somebody look at me!!) path and him going down the Hunger Games megastarheartthrob path…
    I mean lets face it, they’re super young and her career is kind of over at this point, whereas he’s on the rise.
    Personally, I think she looks like she’s one meltdown away from full-on Sinead O’Connor and that can’t bode well for her or her relationships.

  • Gemma Z

    Somebody please take this girl by the hand and show her a mirror. You could not leave the house AND perform on stage in that and think that it was a good choice. I am no Miley fan – on any platform – but where the hell are her parents on this one! Seriously… Billy Ray what are you thinking!

    Oh and can i just say “Christmas Creampies” really? That name right there has more of an ick factor than Miley’s outfit! Why deliberately make a christmas themed concert sound like porn! Ewww…

    • ClaireMichelle

      To be fair, she is an adult now. So her parents can’t really tell her what to wear. They obviously could tell her she looks ridiculous, but I don’t know if she would exactly take fashion advice from Billy Ray. ;)

  • Joan

    I feel like Miley cut her hair and then changed her entire wardrobe …or does she has multiple personalities? I mean, this is a stage outfit, but even her everyday style has taken a turn to the dark side, a very unflattering and gimmicky dark side.