Mario Lopez Trims The Xmas Tree In His Teeny Tiny Undies


Newlywed Courtney Lopez (who just married her babydaddy Mario Lopez) shared a cheeky photo of her husband on Twitter a few days ago that I simply must pass along to all y’all. Now, I’ve been a bit bizzy the past few days so I missed seeing this photo when it was shared on Twitter a few days ago and I’m guessing a few of you may have missed seeing it as well. While decorating the Xmas tree, Mario climbed atop a ladder to put the star on top of the tree … while only wearing his underwear. Mario Lopez, in his underwear trimming the Xmas tree … you know you wanna see this.

My husband looks hot rockin his @RatedMOfficial with his little elf….#lovethem

Hee Hee, cute pic … especially with the couple’s daughter Gia Francesca helping out by holding the ladder. Incidentally, this photo also serves to remind us all that Mario has his own line of men’s underwear called Rated M which is perfect for holiday gift-giving. If YOU would like to see your man trim the Xmas tree like Mario here, why not outfit him with his own pair of Rated M undies? HMMM ;)


  • Jake

    There just seems to be something icky about posting a pic of your butt cheek hanging out of your underwear and your kid being in the pic below you.

  • sfmom

    Yeah I’m with Jake. It’s a little creepy.
    Not mention a little attention whore-y…

  • Matthew

    I was going to agree with everyone here that this is a bit creepy, but I’m feeling European today. Nudity is not such a big deal there. And parents take baths with their kids regularly.

    Still, I guess it would depend on how old his daughter is, whether this is appropriate or not. Then again, it’s not like he’s naked. This is probably something Mario Lopez would wear to the beach.

    I guess the saying “If you’ve got it, flaunt it” doesn’t just apply to the ladies.

  • Jennifer Wilson

    agree. im creeped out. also- why is the tiny child and not mom holding the ladder?

  • ck1

    I don’t think Gia was needed to hold the ladder, she probably just jumped in to “help.”

    Not liking this… the girl is basically staring up at Mario’s butt!

    So, if you took out the fact that this is Mario Lopez, wouldn’t this just be a bad Christmas picture worthy of Awkward Family Photos?

  • Hannah

    I don’t know the girl is pretty young…..2 right ? That is at an age where nudity/underwear is no a big thing still and I would find it more odd if he didn’t wander around in his underwear around her on occasion.

  • Ashley

    This gave me a good chuckle. Not at all creeped out because I have a son who is one and I walk around in my underwear around him. No biggie. I bet Mario was quite pleased his cheeks were on Twitter! lol

  • Joan

    This totally brings A.C. Slater’s unitard flashbacks. Oh, memories… and wow, why are people getting so creeped out about? lol

  • ausettofegypt

    Creeper Von Weird

  • Diana

    Not weird at all! I remember as a kid my dad had a swimsuit like this and it was only after we moved to the States that my dad became more conservative with what he would wear at home. I mean, he never walked around naked but it was no big deal to see my dad in his underwear. I think my parents saw on the media how even a picture of kids in a bathtub was seen as sexual and they wanted to “fit in” to U.S. society so they adapted. Now I live in Europe and here this picture would be no big deal at all. It’s like Ashley said, as a mom I wouldn’t rush to cover myself up because I have a 2 year old son or something… so why should a dad? People need to relaaaaax.

  • krib


  • dot

    What’s creepy about that? Normal dad wearing normal underwear.

  • Krissy

    IMO…the weird thing isn’t that the little girl saw her dad in his underwear. It is that they TWEETED a picture of her dad in his underwear in a family oriented situation, which was actually an advertisement for something he is selling.

    Private family moments are one thing. Exploiting private family moments and small children for profit are something different, IMO.

    • Brittany

      Totally agree with you.

    • emily

      Ditto Krissy, took the words out of my mouth. I’m surprised really with the amount of “creepy” comments. I don’t think it’s creepy, I but I DO think it’s weird to shill your brand like this.