Lindsay Lohan Tweets Max George Of The Wanted A Picture Of His Sweatshirt


So the other day, after some light-to-heavy stalking of The Wanted, Lindsay Lohan finally got her hands on Max George. And even though she may or may not have achieved groupie status with the band, it was nice to see her having the kind of fun that doesn’t result in legal troubles by the end of the night. LiLo recently took to Twitter to let the world know just how much um… fun… she’s been having with boy Max. Click inside to see the infamous sweatshirt that Lindsay snagged while kicking it with her new boo.

Sooo, here’s what Lindsay’s been up to lately:

Ummm…. your thoughts? Max George was spotted wearing this sweatshirt during one of their night’s out, and now it’s in the possession of Lindsay, so it’d be interesting to think of all the possible ways in which she might have gotten a hold of it. Did they do the damn thing and he left it at her house as he prepared for his walk of shame? Or did she totally steal it while he wasn’t looking, for the sole purpose of getting us to think that they did the damn thing and he left it at her house as he prepared for his walk of shame?

Or, are they officially official and she’s gonna start wearing the sweatshirt to all of her classes ’cause we’re suddenly back in high school? LMAO! Shouts-out to Lindsay! Whatever she’s doing, we don’t have any new mug shots of her, so I’d say she’s doing all right.


  • Will

    At least she looks good in this grainy, out-of-focus picture.

    • Lulu

      Agreed… thats the best pic of her in a long time….. :/

    • Really? You think she looks good? Her poor face is so full of fillers, she doesn’t even look like herself :(

    • Rachel

      Agreed, Trent. Her lips look like the life preservers you see hanging on the side of boats!

    • Will

      Well, actually I was trying to be sarcastic when I said she “looks good”.
      The girl is so clueless about everything that she still thinks she’s the hot shit.
      After everything she’s been through, I wonder where she’s going to party tonight.
      What an idiot.

    • Lulu

      Ha.. uhm. Let me clarify. What I was meaning is that it’s the best of the worst…

      You don’t have to see her lifeless eyes, or her prematurely aging skin, etc. as it’s not in focus. So yes, it’s truly the best pic of her in MY opinion I’ve seen in a long time.

  • Ella

    This new story pisses me off for some reason. Her life is a mess. Her career is a mess. What does she do with her time? Follows some band around so she can hook up with one of them and then tweet about her “success”? Ugh, what a waste of space.

    • Jstar

      100% agreed…seems pathetic not cool…

    • swile71

      SO true! She needs to get her life together. Someone better tell that boy to RUN!

  • miguel

    Her lips look like JYNX in that pic…what you all talkin about!?

  • Joan

    I think there’s a huge possibility that she stole the sweatshirt.

  • K 2 da A 2 da T to da Z

    How does he go from the gorgeous Michelle Keegan to the trainwreck that is Lindsay Lohan ?? Definatly a downgrade !!

  • Amanda

    Lindsay Lohan fills me up with sadness. Sometimes I make fun of her along with the rest of the world but whenever I do sit down to watch the old movies she was in, I am reminded of how much talent has and is going to waste.

    She was so lovely as a child and it sickens me that her life has turned out this way no thanks to her money-lusting, fame-hogging parents. Of course she’s to blame as well for not getting herself together despite numerous chances, but I just can’t get over this sad, sad life she’s leading. At such a young age too!

  • Wynter

    Putting the “ass” in “classy”.