Jay-Z And Beyoncé Double-Date With Kelly Rowland And The Dream

Wait. Kelly Rowland And The Dream Are DATING?!?!

Okay, first off, this post title is misleading. The truth is that Jay-Z and Beyoncé actually went on a triple date– they were joined by Kelly Rowland and The Dream (we’ll get to that in a minute), and Paris Hilton and her boyfriend, River Viiperi. However, I’m not yet ready to wrap my brain around the fact that my beloved Jigga man would, like, hang out with the ridiculousness that is Paris Hilton and her boyfriend, lmao! So I’m just gonna ignore that part of the story for now. Let’s focus on another issue– WTF is MY Kelly Rowland (have I mentioned that I love her? okay, well, I love her) doing out with The Dream AKA the lil’ dude who did Christina Milian dirty?! Um! Nooooo! Run, Kelly, ruuuun! He will wife you, then get you prego, then get spotted kickin it with the next chick before your divorce papers are even filed! Beyoncé, please! Save your friend! Take some of that $50 million Pepsi money and buy her a new boo ASAP! Kelly is so gorgeous, and so talented, and she sings Motivation! She deserves better. Please, someone get her away from The Dream (who is totally talented and all that, but NO).

P.S. LOVE Bey‘s dress.

Photo Credit: Splash News

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  1. ceebee

    How does Paris Hilton fit into this group?! And yes, Bey looks fabulous! The make up and that hair are fierce! And Kelly… I honestly couldn’t have commented any better than Shannon about The Dream’s past. Sad.

  2. nope nope nope. Kelly wouldnt be stupid enough to date The Dream. nope. it has to be purely business (right??). besides i thought she was dating some guy named Tim? or is that over?

    • nicole, I seriously don’t want Kelly’s dating choices to change the way I think about/worship her… but ummm. Yeah. No. This is bad. And it looks like Tim Weatherspoon was her manager.

    • hmm i thought i read they were dating. damn. well Kelly doesnt seem to really date high profile, and she seems to have decent taste in men, so heres hoping that hasnt changed. Kelly seems like a smart girl so im sticking with nothing more then business.

  3. oh and Shannon, i saw this video – that has nothing to do with this post – i know you love DMX – so enjoy (if you havent seen it already) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXca4WcCzlo

    • nicole, THANK YOU! Yes, I’ve seen it and YES I’ve recently Liked the Facebook group ‘One Hundred Thousand Strong To Convince DMX To Record A Christmas Album.’ LMAO. Love this guy.

  4. My mind totally did a turntable stop. Do you know what I’m talking about? HOLD THE PHONE. They can’t be together. It’s KELLY ROWLAND, my favorite out of all the Destiny’s Children!

  5. This is all just causing me so much confusion?! Paris? The Dream? Just… No!

  6. Samantha

    Love B’s dress. Kelly need to go back to England and get a Duke to boo her up. The Dream is terrible!

  7. Kam

    so i just clicked the lil dude link lmao, how far along is he? i’m thinking this was a business meeting, kelly can’t be that desperate or dumb, dating outside of the industry is probably wise… i’m just sayin.

  8. JCZ

    At first I thought the Paris Hilton thing was odd, but then I realised that she probably has as much money as Bey/Jay and well, I don’t consider Beyonce and Jay-Z very classy anyway. (Nor do they have to be.)

    But Jay-Z dresses and speaks (much like Bey – have to agree with Wendy Williams) much younger than he is. I mean, he looks as ridic as Chris Brown. If he was in his twenties he wouldn’t, but he is in his 40s dressing like a school drop-out and acts like he is first class. It probably comes down to education… ya can bring out the race card if you dare, but neither are very punctual when they speak and come across as more Gen Y, than a Gen Y sending a ‘txt msg’.

  9. I have to agree about the whole Kelly and The Dream thing. As soon as I saw this post I was like umm, no. I do not like what he did to Christina Milian. I still jam out to AM to PM! LOL. I hope she comes out with new music soon!

  10. Kayla

    Everything about this story confirms it. The Mayan’s were right.

  11. deb
    Commented on this photo:

    probably a business meeting…can’t possibly imagine Kelly with that womanizer Dream

  12. Lynne

    Whoever wrote this urging Beyoncé to buy Kelly a better man & her own hubby sold his soul to walk around kissing the asses of Satanist & Illuminati…lol the irony!

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