Pink Is The New VOG


So … I am less than one day away from the start of my first full marathon and, except for the fact that I know I’m TOTALLY not really ready for the race, I’m having the best time ever here in Honolulu, HI. Early yesterday I made my way to the Honolulu Convention Center to pick up my race bib. The rest of the day was just fun. Emma and I grabbed lunch by the beach, then we shopped for a bit, then we went IN the ocean, then we went to a luau, then we relaxed beachside. Not a bad day, eh?

The big story of the day was that Emma and I came face to face (literally) with a giant sea turtle while swimming in the ocean. We picked up these cheapie inflatable noodles so that we could venture out into the ocean and ride the crashing waves without drowning. While we floated around, I kid you not, a HUGE ASS turtle popped his head out of the water right between us. Its head was the size of a human head and it scared the HELL out of me. I was so freaked out, it looked like an alien … until I saw it’s massive shell … but, yeah, I was still freaked out. The big dude popped out of the water a few times but, thankfully, we never touched it. OY!

The luau and concert last night was fun but not all that exciting. I got to see where the Honolulu Marathon Finish Line will be so the next time I see it in person should be at the completion of the race. Today, we’re heading to the other side of the island to hang out on the North Shore for the day. I’m really excited.

So about the post title. It turns out that Oahu is suffering from a serious vog problem these days. The volcanos on the big island are pushing sulfer into the air and they are forming over Oahu as really humid, dark clouds. LA has smog, Hawaii has vog. As a result, race officials are warning runners unaccustomed to vog (ie. EVERYONE ON EARTH who doesn’t live here) to stay super hydrated and take their time with the race. On the news, they were even suggesting that some runners (first-timers especially) not even run the race. Yeah. I, personally, am not worried about the vog. I’m more worried about my lack of training but one way or the other, I’m running the race tomorrow. I plan to be super smart, super hydrated and as cautious as possible. I will finish the race, we’ll just have to wait and see how long it’ll take me ;)

Shannon has the weekend off for a personal matter and I’ll be otherwise occupied so … it looks like things will be a little light around here today and tomorrow. Things will be back to normal soon, but I have a marathon to run so …. wish me luck ;)

Happy Saturday!!

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  • Rebecca

    Pomaika`i tomorrow (Good Luck)! Don’t worry about us, do what you gotta do and tell us how it goes next week. xoxo

  • Yasmin

    Have fun! And good luck :) Hawaii looks great, even with the vog and I’m sure it will be an amazing experience. Even if it will not be as you imagined or hoped for time wise. You can be so proud of yourself for what you have achieved in such little time! I wish you all the best.

  • Karen

    Awesome about the turtle! They are so cool.

  • Syslak

    Good luck! Can’t wait welcome you to the marathoners club!

  • Stephany

    Good luck Trent – you will do great!!

  • Vicky

    Trent, you are so inspiring. In so many different ways. Best of luck tomorrow. We will all be thinking about you!

  • Mabel

    Good luck with the vog and the marathon. And no worries about the blog, I’ll take it from here. HAHAHA just kidding :) Have a great time in Hawaii!!

  • Kim

    Stay hydrated and take your time! Be proud that you are participating!

  • Jennifer N

    I was just in Honolulu and had some serious vog headaches… it’s serious! Take it easy, drink lots of water and take benadryl if you run into difficulties. It totally helped me!

  • Linh

    Vog can make u sick. Headqches. Allergies. Weird head feelings. We usually don’t get it too often. The trade winds in general blow it off. This past week saw a combination of no trade winds and hyper active volcano. Hope it’s not dampening your visit Trent. Make sure you go to the north shore and check out some awesome waves and eat at Giovanni Shrimp truck. It HAS t be Giovanni’s.