Lindsay Lohan Finally Gets Her Hands On Max George Of The Wanted


Earlier this week we learned that Lindsay Lohan continued her crusade to get close to Max George of The Wanted after her first attempt to ensnare the young man failed … and resulted her her arrest. As you may recall, we learned this week that Lindsay followed The Wanted on tour to Philadelphia, PA and she managed to work her magic to get backstage. At last success! After hanging with the band backstage in Philly, Lindsay snagged a ride back to NYC on The Wanted tour bus. Groupie level: achieved. Today we learn that Lindsay & George are still enjoying one another’s company as the couple were snapped at a club together … and as you can see below, Lindsay finally got to get her hands on George.

Lindsay Lohan staked her claim to new beau Max George from The Wanted … throwing her arm around him at a club in New York City last night following their show at Madison Square Garden. As TMZ first reported, Lindsay has been by Max’s side the last few days, even riding with the band on their tour bus. We’re told Max has been the aggressor in the “relationship” from the start, but that Lindsay isn’t looking for anything serious right now. Which is probably for the best … she might be a little busy for the next 8-12 months.

I wasn’t aware that Max was the “aggressor” but it doesn’t surprise me in the least. I can understand what he might see in fostering a fraternization with Lindsay. His name is splashed across all of the tabloids and he has in her a very willing sexual partner. I mean, duh. I can also understand what Lindsay might see in Max. He’s young, hot and very successful. He, too, is a very willing sexual partner. It’s like they were made for one another — at least for now. It’s a shame that Lindsay didn’t focus her time more on fostering relationships with people (sexual or otherwise) instead of focusing on getting arrested all of the time. It sounds like much more fun chasing boys than running from the law.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • kendra

    I just can’t imagine having sex with her..I feel like she’d smell like a dirty alley behind a butcher shop..I mean, I get that the publicity is good for him, but the sex can’t be good for his weenis..

    • missanne

      the publicity is probably good for her too, or at least keeps her name in the headlines. but the skank-a-saurus really needs to focus on cleaning up her image, and chasing boy banders just ain’t gonna do it :\

  • rtms

    Talk about desperate. She probably hopes he pays all her bills and taxes for her since she has no money lately.

    • Jstar

      It does seem rather desperate…she strikes me as a pathetic stalker.

  • Joan

    I don’t know if Max has been the aggressor or not, but the boys seem to be having tons of fun with the whole situation. One of them wore a “FREE LINDSAY” shirt to one of their concerts, lol I mean, she’s so deluded that anything is possible…

  • Vicky

    Aggghhhh there are so many hot young girls out there… Lindsay might be young, but she looks like an older version of her mother – which is not good. lol.

  • Xadax

    When Zayn said Chlamydia Boy, I imagined this would probably happen (& it did!).

    • Xadax

      correction: ‘When Zayn tweeted’