The Top 5 ‘YesPlease, More,ThankYou’ Moments From ‘Happy Birthday, Mr. President,’ Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Scandal’


Revenge and Scandal are both going on winter break and, strangely enough, I’m totally okay with that. I just can’t anymore. After everything that went down last night on Scandal, I need a vacation! It was too much, too fast, too amazing and I just can’t, lol. I luuuurved the episode; in fact it was one of my favorites of the season… although I’m pretty sure I said that about the last episode because yeah. I love them all! But, no, this one was special. Click inside for the second-to-last last recap of 2012!


So this episode picked up right where we left off– with our beloved President getting shot just outside of his own birthday party. The reason I loved this episode sooo much is because we got all those juicy flashbacks! My fave episodes from last season were the flashback ones that came towards the end, where we finally got to see how Liv and Fitz first fell in love. I loved it! And I loved watching them as he became President and they tried– and failed– to stay away from each other. We also got to see Cyrus and James in their earlier stages and that was hilarious! And also, kinda sad. Olivia and James were both not really welcome at the Inaugural Ball– James because Cyrus hadn’t come out yet and Olivia because that ish would have been too weird. But she and the Pres had their own um Inaugural Ball… later… in the Oval Office, lmao. And by the end of it James and Cyrus were all super cute and engaged. Damn, I loved this episode!

Shonda Rhimes handled this so well because, even though the ending was CrAzy, we got sooo many answers in this episode. Defiance has finally been all cleared up and we now know for sure that Hollis bombed the office where Quinn’s boyfriend worked, killed seven innocent people so that the voting booth rigging in Ohio would never be discovered, and allowed Quinn to be framed. And we also know now that Olivia left her position at The White House because of this… and because when Mellie found out about her and Fitz it was awkward. Really awkward.


SO much other awkward and amazingness happened so let’s get to it!

The Top 5 ‘YesPlease, MoreThankYou’ Moments From ABC’s Scandal, Season 2, Episode 8:
Happy Birthday, Mr. President
1. Desk Sex, Anyone?


Flashback episodes make life happy y’all. I could watch Olivia and Fitz make out all day, lol. Seriously, though. I mean, how could I even allow myself to get a teensy tiny bit comfortable with her and the Senator?! She belongs to Fitz! Fitz belongs to her! And it’s so cute when they try to fight it! But when they started getting it on and poppin’ in the Oval Office (and she was lit’rally callin’ him Mr. President on some Marilyn Monroe ish) I was like don’t they know about the cameras?! And then we saw the scene where the Secret Service dude schooled him on the cameras, and Fitz was straight up like What are my options? As in, where can I get it on and poppin’ with her in The White House? LMAO! I was rooollllin’! Like, these two cannot stay away from each other– at least in the flashback scenes they can’t. And I love it.

Quote It:  This cant happen anymore (Olivia).
I think it can happen right over there on that desk (Fitz).

2. The [Vice] President Is A Gangsta


How frightened were you by VP Sally Langston in this episode? No– keep it real! How effing scary was this woman?! After Cyrus and Olivia screwed her over the Supreme Court nomination (the Judge from the Defiance group had already been promised the position) she was DONE with them. At the beginning of the episode we couldn’t really understand why she was being so vicious (and why she was so damn thirsty to roll up on that White House lawn, lmao) but Shonda Rhimes did that brilliant slow reveal thing and it wasn’t until later that we saw her go the eff off on them. This was a great storyline because the Defiance crew got tied in and we got to see more drama and more dirty, grimy, scandalous backstabbing in the White House.

But here’s the thing. Is she really the POTUS now?!?! Because I cannot deal with that!

3. Olivia And Mellie, Together Again


So at the beginning of the episode we saw Olivia’s triumphant return to the White House, which was kind of awesome. I love this plot because there’s lit’rally no other way Liv would have come back, unless something like a Presidential assassination attempt took place. And she def needs to be there for this madness because no one handles ish like Olivia (except for maybe Mellie, although her tactics differ slightly, lol). But Liv’s return was juxtaposed against the flashback episodes that showed her original retreat from this position, and I thought this was brilliant storytelling. We saw why she needed to leave, and it really all began with Mellie showing up at her apartment with Fitz to help him write his Inaugural Address. For the record, this is how Liv and Fitz had been ‘working’ on his Inaugural Address when wifey wasn’t around:


LMAO! Madness. And then there was that craAzyyy awkward moment when Mellie realized that something was definitely popping off between Liv and Fitz (love that moment– all it took was a look from the Secret Service agent and she knew). I think when she approached Liv about it and was so (seemingly) calm and cool, it made Liv feel worse. Scandal is a great show because we know Olivia is wrong for participating in this affair. It’s like she said to Fitz: I smile at her and I take my clothes off for you. Messed up. And even though we’ve seen Mellie do some grimey stuff, we feel for her as a wife. In this episode we got to see her getting all excited for Fitz when he won the presidency; we know she loves him… and we know she is ambitious as f—.

But my ABSOLUTE favorite part of the episode was when Liv came to Mellie so that Mellie could make a FLOTUS-type statement that would save Fitz’s presidency from the VP (who was already working on getting signatures so she could take over). And after Olivia gave that speech about how they were about to lose everything all Mellie could do was bow her head and say:


I was DONE. Done. That was it. She was lit’rally waiting for the moment when everything (the Presidency, America, Olivia Pope herself) would be depending on her. And there it was. She just needed some clothes. I f*ckin love Mellie.

Quote It: Hi Janine. Go to my apartment. Secret Service has the address. Get me one grey suit,  one blue suit, one black suit, six blouses, three pairs of shoes, some underwear and my toothbrush (Olivia… because clothes are a big deal on this show, lmao).

 4. Patriotism. Redefined By Cyrus.


OMG. That speech Cyrus gave to Olivia chilled me to my bones (as most of his speeches do). So, Olivia comes to him because she finds out that Hollis has bombed this building and killed hella people just so they wouldn’t get caught. She probably expected him to– what? Do the right thing? Confess, to save an innocent girl from prison? Hell nawl. This is Scandal! Cyrus launches into this amazing speech about how those people gave their lives for their country, and so did the girl who was going to prison. I loved that moment because you can see the pattern of takeover in politics– where one dirty deed necessarily leads to another, and another and– if you’re Cyrus– you justify it as patriotism. Olivia, we could see, was appalled and that was the beginning of her movement to save Quinn.

5. #WhatTheHuck


I can’t. There are no words. I can’t. I cannot believe we actually found out so quickly who shot Fitz. And it’s Huck. I can’t. I mean, he must have had a good reason… right?!?! Wait. What?! What does that even meeeeaaaan?! So yeah, no. I CANNOT.


Sidenote– I loved the shouts-out to Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson. Scandal never focuses on the fact that Olivia and Fitz are in an interracial relationship, and I love that. When Liv tried to compare herself to Thomas Jefferson’s mistress, slave, and babymama it didn’t hold up at all, but I just loved the little historical shouts-out.

What did you guys think of this madness? Is President Fitz seriously DUNZO as President? And if so… can he puh-leeeease wake up soon so he and Liv can finally be together?! No, no. Too easy. Won’t happen. Okay. But why-oh-why did Huck try to kill Fitz?! Who is he working for?! I thought he was a Gladiator?!?!



  • Akili

    Shannon, there’s one more episode of Scandal (next week) before the winter break. I was waiting all day on your recap because last night was…EVERYTHING. I can’t even offer any worthwhile or witty quips about the epicness that was last night’s Scandal. I will say, I’m certain there’s more to this Huck element–which both frightens and excites me.

    I cannot comment on this post without mentioning Fitz removing the panties on the desk of the OVAL OFFICE. //drops mic,

    • Shannon

      Akili, thanks for clearing that up for me (the upcoming episode)– somehow I missed it. I guess I’ll start mentally preparing now, lol.

      ‘Fitz removing the panties on the desk of the OVAL OFFICE. //drops mic’ LMAO! I KNOW right?! For a second I thought we were about to see some NC-17 type ish, but that was pretty intense, lol :)

  • nicole

    last night when they said the shooter was average height & had a buzz cut i was all like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. i knew it was Huck – plus the fact that he was the only person not watching the news about the president. (although the hair he was rocking when he lived in the half way house..good laugh there)

    theres still one more episode before the winter break. i cant wait for next week, should be amazing.

    • Shannon

      nicole, that half-way house hair was AH-MAZING! LMAO!

  • Adriana

    I too hve been waiting all day for you to recap! Don’t we think that Huck has the skill set to have killed him with one shot had he really wanted to? I mean he’s is professional killer.

    • Shannon

      Adriana, SUCH a great point! And it only works to further complicate this madness!!! WHY?! Was the attack only meant to get him out of office, but not kill him?! WHYYYY?!?!

    • Thien

      Fringe’s audience ineecasrs by 44% when PVR is factored in. It is a shame these people can’t watch the show live. I love the show but unfortunately .unless another network picks it up (SyFy maybe?) .it is as good a dead

  • nicole

    just a thought….Huck works for Liv..basically only does extreme things when she asks him too…so a part of me assumes that Liv might have known about his..

    • Shannon

      nicole, I LOVE THIS THEORY! Especially because it makes Liv’s reactions so much more dramatic. Like, that moment when she’s in the closet holding his sweater and weeping… to think that she’s really crying like that because she’s responsible… agh!!!

  • Jacinta Yanders

    I have a lot of thoughts about everything, but particularly, I’m not so sure Huck is the actual shooter. He was definitely there, but I think he’s too good to a. Not kill the president if he really wanted to and b. Be seen. I think there’s more to the story there.

    And that desk seen…*fans self*

    • Shannon

      Jacinta Yanders– great points about Huck. It’s hard to imagine him being spotted. He’s so much better than that… right?!

      The desk scene shall go down in history as one of the greatest Liv/Fitz scenes of all time.

  • Emmaa

    I knew it was Huck behind that shooting. Well It has be something to do with Olivia, is he protecting her from something? We all know he would do anything for her. Im scared how this will play out. I mean is Huck going to vanish after this? I can´t take that. Huck is one best things in this show.
    I have love/hate thing going on with this Olivia/Mr. President thing. I love watching them together. It´s like flames coming out of them when they are touching each other but when they were outside of the White house and Olivia was taking steps back with their relationship and the Mr. President stopped her and said “No you own Me.” I was like BUM. No you just did not say that. I mean, you have no right. He is so aggressive with his seduction towards her sometimes that it kinda turns me off. I don´t know what to think. Is it so wrong that it is right?

    • Shannon

      Emmaa, my BFF said a similar thing about that scene in the garden. She said it was just a bit too much. I was into it because I like the drama, but I also like that it all proved to be too much for Olivia as well. But I can totally see how all the talk of ownership could be a turn off for you; it kind of implies a dependency that may or may not be very sexy.

      Also, they BETTER not take Huck away from us! OMG!!! No. No. Not allowed.

  • Lulu!

    Say it isn’t so Huck.. say it isn’t so!!! :(

    I can’t even process this episode enough to form a real comment. Ack! ish!!!!

    • Shannon

      Lulu, I just can’t believe Huck would do something bad without a good reason. But I feel your pain, lol. It’s hard!

  • Liz

    iv been waiting for ur post all day. i cannot fully express how much i love this show. the flashbacks-OMG. and i agree with adriana, if huck really wanted him dead he’d be dead.
    im so glad there is 1 more episode before the winter break

    • Shannon

      Liz, let me just say thanks for commenting– whenever I hear that you guys are looking forward to the recaps it makes taking all those damn screen shots totally worth it, lol :)

      The flashbacks are everything! Can’t wait for this week’s episode :)

  • Jessica

    Loved the whole episode (puck, whaaaaat did you do?) but the really really really bad green screen shot are just driving me crazy (it completely pulls you out of the drama and into budget. Ugh)

    • Shannon

      Jessica, hmmm… give me an example of the green screen shots, if you can remember any. I must be too caught up in the drama to notice.

  • Karrie

    hey u all, since u are big scandal fans to something i guess i was confused about from last season..did Fritz sleep with that intern chick from last season i know she ended up being killed and it turned out her boyfriend was the dad of the baby and stuff but i never understood if she actually had an affair with did not seem like it i know the recording was him and Olivia and that her boyfriend would have told her about the pet name amanda told Olivia he called her. just help. i need to go back and watch first season. just did not seem like that much time between Olivia leaving the white house and now.

    • Shannon

      Karrie, great question! Here’s what I remember about the Amanda Tanner bit– Fitz did hook up with her, but I got the sense that they never officially did the damn thing. Fitz swore that he knew he wan’t the baby’s father because of the ‘nature’ of their sexual relationship. I took that to mean he was… ummm… on the receiving end of things a la Bill Clinton & Monica Lewinsky.

  • Samantha

    Not my Damn Huck. Don’t believe it, won’t believe it.