Shakira’s Boyfriend Shares Their Baby’s First Ultrasound Photo


So many bump watches, so little time! Now that Kate Middleton’s been released from the hospital, our royal bump watch has officially begun; and then we’ve been checking out the baby bump-age on Amber Rose. Not too long ago we got to see a pic of Shakira showing off her bump while cozying up with her boo Gerard Piqué, and today our bump watch continues with the cutest little sonogram pic ever (well… third cutest… my two come first, lol). The couple (dubbed Shakiqué by Trent) has reportedly decided on a name for the little boy, so click inside for your first look at baby Biel!

Gerard shared this on his WhoSay account, writing “His first pic! #excited #cute“. I think this is pretty cool. I mean, there’s nothing like a good songram pic to get you all *verklempt* in the morning. Look at that baby! He’s got a good-shaped head and the lips are comin’ in nicely– so yeah. He’s gonna be a cutie!

And yes, I can totally tell all of this just be looking at the outline of his still-developing face, lol.

Shakira and Gerard are expecting their baby boy early next year, and this definitely looks like a third trimester baby. Here’s hoping the last few months are exciting for Shakira, who definitely seems to be enjoying her pregnancy.



  • Ruby

    Ugh, ultrasound pictures of other people’s babies – one of the most boring and irrelevant things ever.