JWOWW, And Some ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Are Doing A Celebrity Diving Show


LMAO. I literally did a double (and then a triple) take when I read this headline on Complex. Totally thought my eyes were deceiving me. But it wasn’t so. A celebrity diving competition show… featuring… JWOWW?! I… cannot! As in, I cannot believe this is real. Which is why it falls under today’s That-Ish-Cray Of The Day. Click inside to learn more about a forthcoming two-hour special brought to you by the good folks at the Fox network.

Complex has the ridiculousness:

Undoubtedly looking to compete with the celebrity diving competition series that ABC ordered in OctoberFox is moving forward with a two-hour special titled Stars in Danger: High-Dive, and according to Deadline has just announced their cast and premiere date. It will air on January 9th, and feature Jersey Shore star Jenni “JWOWW” FarleyReal Housewives of Beverly Hills cast members Kyle and Kim Richards, professional surfer Bethany Hamilton, actress and endurance athlete Alexandra PaulBaywatch star David Chokachi, soap star Antonio Sabato Jr., and former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens.

The special is the same concept as ABC’s series, only compressed into two hours rather than a whole season – celebrities will train prior to the event, and then compete in a “series of Olympic-style dives, including solo high diving and synchronized diving, from a variety of heights.” Like Dancing With the Stars, only with diving!

This just sounds all kinds of dangerous and… well, wack. LMAO! Jwoww? And her girls? High diving?! And then the sisters from Beverly Hills… plus T.O.?! C’mon now. This mixture just cannot be healthy for viewers and participants alike. And I feel like this is one of those shows I simply won’t be able to watch (not even once), just based on principle. I mean, they legit couldn’t come up with a slightly better idea?! OMG.

Okay, time to fess up. Who’s remotely interested in watching Stars in Danger: High-Dive?


  • nicole

    i’m gonna watch. for some reason i think this could be slightly interesting…or atleast with TO somewhat entertaining.

  • bleedingEars

    It’s like they drew names from the D-List cesspool. I’ll be passing on this. After having watched 35 seconds of that Niki Minja reality show I feel as though I must protect what is left of my IQ.

  • Anna

    JWOWW and Kyle Richards are 2 of my favs! Will they be BFF or frenemies? While my brain cannot handle another entire season of ridiculousness being added to the DVR before becoming numb from shame, one show is doable and I’m totally watching this.

  • Anne

    Well, atleast Jwoww has built in flotation devises if the dive doesn’t go so well!

  • Sabrina

    I am sorry but I am going to have to watch this. Seeing people belly flop into the pool is funny enough but adding JWOW and her flotation devices belly flop great!

    “That ish cray”

  • Dezden

    This is going to be so ridiculous.