Ben Savage Says The ‘Boy Meets World’ Sequel Will Appeal To Both Old Fans And New Audiences


A little while back when we first heard about the Boy Meets World sequel series, I was a little nervous. You know how we 90s kids are– don’t mess with our ish! LOL. But in the beginning, we really didn’t have a lot of details or a clear picture of the cast. Since then we’ve learned that Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel will be reprising their roles as Cory and Topanga (which makes me very happy), but the show will focus on their daughter as the series will be titled Girl Meets World.  And once we saw Danielle do that outrageous Lindsay Lohan/Liz Taylor impression, I was even more excited for the sequel. Click inside to learn more! Ben Savage recently shared some new deets with The Hollywood Reporter.

Complex has the story:

The highly anticipated sequel series to beloved 90’s sitcom Boy Meets World is well into early development over at the Disney Channel, and luckily for us there’s been no shortage of news about the upcoming project. We know that Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel will be returning to reprise their roles as Cory and Topanga, and the series will be titled Girl Meets World as it focuses on their young daughter. Additionally, Rider Strong - who portrayed Cory’s best friend Shawn in the series – has no involvement as of now, but has said he’s open to it.

Now, speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Savage has disclosed a little more info about the series: For one, Cory and Topanga aren’t the only characters from the original series that are returning. Strong may not have any official involvement, but the possibility of him – as well as others – returning is definitely there. “We’re going to wait and see what happens. Obviously, I don’t want to give away too many details,” Savage said. “But there’s definitely been discussions about some of everyone’s favorite characters popping up in the show and making appearances.”

Additionally, the follow-up was born out of a “lot of discussions” as it’s important to everyone involved that they stay true to what the original series was. “We want to do justice to the characters and we want to make sure we respect people’s memories of the show,” Savage said. “It’s funny, a lot of the tweets and emails and mentions I’ve gotten are from a lot of people who are worried that the show won’t hold up and that we shouldn’t do it because it’s going to ruin a lot of their childhood memories…we’re really working hard and doing everything we can to make sure that this is going to be something special and funny and hopefully it’ll make new memories for a new generation.”

Savage added that he almost didn’t return to the show for that very reason. “I think it was just a matter of making sure all of us were on the same page about what we were going to do in terms of making the show last another seven years, hopefully.”


I honestly can’t wait to see the first episode of this show. And I kinda like hearing that Savage had his own reservations about the sequel. If he ultimately decided to participate, then that’s probably a good sign. And hopefully we will see some of our old faves– namely Mr. Feeny and Shawn!

Obviously the new show will be very different from the old. As Trent pointed out when we first got the news, it’s going to be on the Disney Channel so it’s already geared to a new, younger audience (younger than the fans of the original). But I still think it could be fun. A lot of y’all expressed a mixture of excitement and concern about Girl Meets World– do Ben’s words alleviate any of those concerns? Lol, I love that we’re all taking this so seriously!

No, but it is serious.


  • ClaireMichelle

    I can’t wait!!! Ahhhh. I really hope crazy Uncle Eric is on the show!! I’ve been watching old episodes like it’s my job lately.

  • nicole

    im not looking forward to it at all.

  • Sam

    Don’t they always saw that about remakes? We’ll have to see the first epi and judge for ourselves!

  • Leslie Sharp

    I actually think the Disney Channel is now what TGIF was all those years ago. TV used to be cleaner and more innocent on every channel…I don’t think it’ll have to change style all that much.

  • Sandy!

    I dunno, there won’t be any Shawn Hunter. That sentence alone made me die a little inside

  • Megan

    All the young people on Disney shows now portray these really annoying characters, so I hope this show isn’t like that. And the girl better look like a girl! The girls on these kids shows do not look like kids at all