Watch: Miley Cyrus And Josh Bowman From ‘Revenge’ Star In ‘So Undercover’


So, I’m all rolling my eyes watching the trailer for this movie, like, there’s nooo way I’m about to go see the new Miley Cyrus flick… lmao. But uhhh yeah. No. I’m definitely going to see the new Miley Cyrus flick! Josh Bowman AKA Daniel Grayson from Revenge is in it!!! AGH! And so is Jeremy Piven. And– you know what– so is Miley! Although I haven’t forgiven her for that Decisions video, she can still act (it’s been a while since I watched Hannah Montana… but I’m assuming she can still act). Peep the video for more! Miley plays a young private eye hired by the FBI (yup) to go undercover in a college sorority. And yes, knowing all that I still plan to watch.


  • ClaireMichelle

    I’m not even going to pretend that I won’t totally stuff my face, drink some wine and watch this movie. Hello, Josh Bowman. Obviously I’ll see it for him alone. But this looks like mindless fun and sometimes that’s all you need!

  • Philly

    I loved this movie when it starred Sandra Bullock and was called Miss Congeniality!

    • Jessica Leigh

      lolol. Well I laughed more than I thought I would, some for humor’s sake and some for “. . .Seriously?!” sake. But I’ll probably end up renting it. ;) And @Philly, amen! Seems a tad done already, but I don’t think we’ll object to a round two teen version with some added eye candy!

  • Wynter

    Josh is great at doing an American accent. Is there a job opening for vocal/dialect coaches for handsome young British men? And can I have it now?

  • Bethany Burke

    I can think of exactly zero reasons why Kristen Bell wasn’t cast in this instead of Miley Cyrus.

  • Lulu

    Looks so bad it almost looks good.. haha!


  • Megan

    Haha. I must see it. I have a thing for cheesy movies

  • Nathan

    I decided I’d see it when I found out Josh Bowman was in it. But after watching the trailer, it actually looks like a cute little movie. I’ll definitely see it.

  • Megan