Rihanna’s UK Show ‘Styled To Rock’ Is Moving To The Style Network


Remember back in July when we saw a trailer for Rihanna’s UK fashion competition show? Well, apparently, it didn’t do so well overseas. It was poorly reviewed and  went the way of DUNZO after just one season. PITNBR nicole kinda called it when she suggested that Rihanna chill on all the extra-curricular projects, lol. Part of the problem with the show seemed to be Rihanna’s way-too-hectic schedule. But anyhoo, the Style Network is now picking up the series, in hopes that the show will have more success here in the States. Click inside to learn more!

Telegraph UK has the deets:

Rihanna’s fashion reality show, Styled to Rock , may have reportedly been banished from UK television screens, but it seems the poor reviews haven’t put off US network Style, who have just announced they’ll be airing a new series of the show next year.

The singer will both star in and executive produce the 10-episode series, which will follow the same format as the UK-based show, whereby 12 aspiring fashion designers battle it out to win the accolade of dressing Rihanna for her performance at this summer’s Wireless Festival…

There’s no word yet on who will host the show–  Henry Holland and Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud hosted the UK version so it’ll be interesting to see who they’ll choose for Style.

It looks like RiRi has no intentions of slowing things down anytime soon. Will any of you be tuning in to Styled To Rock? And who caught the UK version? I’m kinda curious to hear about how bad it was, lol…

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  • Desi

    Maybe it is unfair of me, but I’ve lost all respect for RiRi since she got back with Chris Brown. It would be one thing if he took a lead in charity work/ public awareness on domestic violence issues…but he’s proven himself to be a misogynistic ass lately and I think it’s just totally lame for her to hang with him. Whether she should be or not, she is a role model for young kids and it sends a terrible message.

    • emily

      @ Desi – not unfair at all. It speaks volumes about who RiRi is a as person and I’m with you about losing all respect for her. Probably not unrelated, I’m also getting sick of hearing about her. New music, new magazine covers, more nudie pics, more nudie pics, more nudie pics … I’m sick of looking at her boobs – those puppies are everywhere lately! I just wish she’d gain a little self respect, leave that a**hole, put on some clothes, stop trying to shock us and write her own music … and that’s a full list of things she’ll never do.
      I skip every post that mentions anything about her except this one which mentions how much her show sucked. I’ll read that one :o)
      And for the record, I always thought she was a decent artist (as in, I didn’t dislike her) until the getting back together with CB fiasco. I can’t even with that ish, it just shows what a foolish girl she really is.

  • nicole

    i wont be watching it. i didnt hear one good thing about the UK version and i can only imagine how bad the US one will be