Megan Fox, Paul Rudd, And Melissa McCarthy Cover The Comedy Issue Of ‘Vanity Fair’


The last time we checked out a Vanity Fair cover, Kate Moss was getting all gorgeous and nude and NSFW right before our eyes. But next month, the magazine is getting all shook up with its first-ever comedy issue, guest edited by Judd Apatow. Some of the actors from his upcoming movie This Is 40 (Leslie Mann, Megan Fox, Paul Rudd, and Melissa McCarthy) are gracing the cover and it’s hilarious. I don’t why this excites me all that much, but it does! I just love the idea of Vanity Fair doing something fun like this, I guess. Click inside to get a better look at the cover and to check out the alternative covers as well.

Comedy Meets Vanity:

In Vanity Fair’s first-ever comedy issue, writer, director, and producer Judd Apatow convened his most talented friends and idols to contribute, write, and pose for a 19-page Mark Seliger portfolio—as well as act incredibly dignified and businesslike in costume for three different covers. Included are the stars of Apatow’s This Is 40, dressed as famous figures of 60s- and 70s-era variety shows like Rowan & Martin’sLaugh-In, with Leslie Mann in a bikini and body paint à la Goldie Hawn and Melissa McCarthy dressed as Lily Tomlin’s Edith Ann; Paul Rudd plays your oily show host, and Megan Fox is an alluring bellhop.

A second cover features Jim Carrey dressed up as Evel Knievel, Maya Rudolph doing an ancient Egyptian like Steve Martin in his King Tut days, Will Ferrell as a corny cowboy, and Amy Poehler as a 60s go-go girl. Finally, Kristen Wiig plays Cher to Ben Stiller’s Sonny on a final cover alongside Chris Rock, doing a Nipsey Russell thing, and Jerry Seinfeld, decked out in a Nehru jacket.

How fun are these covers? And why/how do I still love Chris Rock and Jim Carrey sooo much?! But wait– there’s more! You gotta read Judd Apatow’s note from the guest editor thing. So funny:

I have always loved comedy, and this portfolio and issue, filled with men and women I admire, are my attempt to show you what it means to me. Some of them have shaped my sensibility; others just make me laugh. Anyway, I’m proud to have worked with many of the comic geniuses who appear in these pages, one of whom I have a fantastic anecdote about. I probably tell it too often. But here goes. One last time, for Vanity Fair, and then I’ll retire it forever.

When I was 12 years old, I went to visit my grandparents in Beverly Hills. I was, and am still, a massive Steve Martin fan. One day, in the car, my grandmother pointed out where he lived.

A few days later, as we drove by, I looked out the window and saw something mind-blowing. Steve Martin was standing in front of his house! I yelled at my grandmother to stop the car, grab­bed a pen and paper, and jumped out.

“Mr. Martin. Can I have your autograph?”

“No, I’m sorry, but I don’t sign autographs at my house.”


“I’m sorry, but if I do, then people will start coming over.”

“Well, will you sign it in the street?”

I thought that was pretty good for a 12-year-old. But he said no and apologized. I jumped back in the car in a rage. Back at my grandparents, I pulled out a notepad and started writing him a letter:

Dear Mr. Martin,      I think you are the funniest man on earth, but you treat your fans like crap. If I didn’t buy all your albums and go to all your movies you wouldn’t live in that house. If you don’t send me an apology I am going to send your address to “Homes of the Stars” and you will have tour buses passing by 24 hours a day.

I left it in his mailbox—for effect.

About six months later, back home, I received a package. Inside was the book Cruel Shoes, by Steve Martin, with the following inscription:

Dear Judd,

I’m sorry. I didn’t realize I was speaking to the Judd Apatow!

Your friend,
Steve Martin    3/80

I knew that the only reason he responded was because my letter had made him laugh. If I could make Steve Martin laugh, then maybe one day I could enter this mysterious world of comedy. I tell this story a lot and feel bad if it ever sounds like he was not gracious. If someone walked up to my door and asked for my autograph, I’d be pissed, then move in a panic. Thanks, Steve!

Love it! And I can’t wait to see this issue hit the stands. I love looking at impossibly gorgeous, impossibly fit women just as much as the next person, but these covers will be a nice break from the usual fare :)


  • Wynter

    Yes, because when I think of Megan Fox, I always think “oh, the hilarity”.

  • lori

    meh. im not too thrilled about these issues. why is all throught the lense of judd apatow?
    why isnt louis CK on the cover? hes the biggest thing in comedy right now.
    judd just advertised his dumb movie on one of the covers.
    megan fox? shes a comedian?? um.

    i think these are all horribly biased. what a waste of something that could have been way better.

    • Shannon

      lori, I hear you about Louis. BUT he is featured in the issue.

  • ClaireMichelle

    I want the This Is 40 cover because Paul Rudd and I want the cover with Amy Poehler. YES. I love this.

    Side note: If you want comedy gold every Thursday, watch Parks and Recreation. Perfect show is perfect.

  • Sandy!

    Loved the cover until I saw Megan Fox. She just doesn’t belong!

  • Alejandra

    I don’t think Melissa McCarthy should be shoved in the back there.
    Megan Fox, though not a comedienne, I guess is prettier to look at?

    • Krissy

      I agree! People LOVE Melissa McCarthy. They have shown that time and again by supporting her movies and tv show. The powers that be need to get over their own prejudice and hear what the audiences are demanding: support the true talent!

      And I have to say that I feel bad for Megan seeing these pictures. She has really messed with her face and she looks frozen. I worry about what that says about her self esteem. Her natural beauty was stunning, but the work makes her look much older and a bit frightening.

  • Dezden

    How fun!! I don’t even like movies really, but these are some fun actors and it’s just fun in general.

  • kendra

    Ok..These are great and all, and I know I’m going to come off as some nazi-feminist or something, but why aren’t any of the ladies doing anything funny? It’s all the guys..Except in the first one with Melissa McCarthy..The other women on the covers are freaking comedy gold! I just wish they were doing more than looking pretty..

  • Nathan

    Why the hell is Megan Fox featured anywhere in the comedy article?