Jessica Biel Dons Versace At A ‘Playing For Keeps’ Screening In NYC


A little while back we saw the trailer for Jessica Biel’s new flick Playing For Keeps. The actress stars alongside Gerard Butler and although I’m not craaazy excited for the movie (the trailers are so cute… but so cheesy!), I was hella excited to see Jessica Biel on the red carpet in NYC. The actress wore this gorgeous Versace dress and… I don’t think I’ve ever used this phrase… but it was kind of a show-stopper (I had a similar reaction to Anne Hathaway in Givenchy). I love how sexy the open front is… it’s, like, borderline tacky, lol. But it’s not! I love it. I wasn’t sure at first (and I like the runway version a little better), but I def love it. Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: Insight News & Features] [Source]

  • Desi

    On one hand it is a sexy warrior princess look that she can pull off, on the other it is a I Dream of Jeannie meets bellydancer costume meets Wet Seal! :-)

    • Shannon

      Desi ‘I Dream of Jeannie meets bellydancer costume meets Wet Seal!’ LMAO!!! Nooooo! You nailed it! But I still love, lol :)

  • nicole

    ooooh i like it. is it safe to assume JT got her a stylist for Christmas?

    • emily

      @nicole – tee-hee

  • Brittany

    While I didn’t like the Anne dress, I can get behind this one!

  • Hampton

    This dress is so ugly I will bet it makes it onto worst dressed on Fashion Police…This is what happens when you go shopping by yourself. Call Rachel Zoe ASAP

  • Julie

    She finally did something with those hideous bangs! Looks pretty.

    • nicole

      oooh thats what looks different! for some reason i just couldnt figure it out

  • Nikki

    Umm.. I don’t understand what people see in this dress. It looks like a child had some fun with some scissors without any adult supervision. The only SLIGHTLY redeeming quality is the color is nice, kinda.