Gwen Stefani Covers The January 2013 Issue Of ‘Marie Claire’ UK


Oh, man. I can’t staaaand when Gwen Stefani gets new magazine covers. She looks so effing amazing, it’s painful. No, seriously. Do you remember her Marie Claire October cover? And then there was the Harper’s Bazaar cover where she rocked that ginormous pink hat, as only she could. Sigh. And now we have this to deal with. Gwen Stefani, looking all types of amazing wearing her own damn clothing line on the cover of Marie Claire UK. When is she gonna stop/she better not stop because I need more eyeliner inspiration. LMAO, love Gwen! Click inside for more!

Gwen Stefani for Marie Claire UK

On her relationship with Gavin Rossdale: “It’s better than it’s ever been, like we’re learning about each other all the time. Gavin’s an amazing dad and he works so hard – I can hear him writing songs through the wall, and it is at a much quicker pace than me. He balances me out. And he never stops liking me, which is awesome. It makes me feel happy that someone likes me as much as he does.”

On what their landmark 10-year wedding anniversary represents to her: ‘A miracle.’ After all she’s done, ‘my biggest accomplishment is my marriage so far. Because it’s hard, everyone knows it’s hard.’ Marriage, she continues, ‘is something that I always wanted to do successfully. It was a dream of mine. I like the official-ness and the family-ness of it all, having the same name and making decisions together.’

On having more children: ‘I really, really, really wanted one about two years ago. And it didn’t work out. So I feel good with what we’ve got. Everything works out how it should. You can’t plan anything, right?’

Okay here’s the best part. I was thinking about sharing this on my Facebook page, and writing something cheeky like, Gwen Stefani’s just never gonna stop working out. And then– as I’m thinking this– I get to the part of the interview where she says:

This past year, I kind of stopped working out. I think my body just needed a break. And so I did that and focused more on feeling good as opposed to beating myself up.

LMAO! Wait. Hol’ up. Stop. Chill. This is YOU, Gwen Stefani, kind of not working out anymore?! LMAO. GO somewhere. I love you Gwen. But please go somewhere with your amazing body that’s sooo used to being awesome it doesn’t even know how to stop being awesome even after you stop working out. I love it.

No, but in all seriousness I’m sure she’s not sitting around all day, not working out, and eating Big Macs and drinking the Pepsi that I’m currently enjoying either. You can read more of the interview here. If she was, well, then I’d really be hating.

Gwen goes on to talk a lot about motherhood and sacrifices and all the fun, amazing, difficult stuff that comes along with work and family.

How amazing does she look? And how awesome is L.A.M.B.? I’m loving these designs, especially her top in the cover photo. What do you guys think of the spread?

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    She is all types of awesome.