Demi Moore BOOGIES DOWN AWKWARDLY With Lenny Kravitz


Late last month we heard a rumor that Demi Moore has started dating a much younger man named Vito Schnabel (despite the fact that she is still legally married to Ashton Kutcher … who is, incidentally, happily coupled up with Mila Kunis). Today, tho, we get to see photos of Demi partying NOT with her new toyboy but with Lenny Kravitz. Demi and Lenny were among the guests at the Chanel Beachside Barbecue in Miami, FL last night and as you can see below, Demi got down with her bad self. Have you ever wondered if Demi Moore is a good dancer or not? Check out the photos below and judge for yourselves.

She has hit headlines over the past few months with her increasingly erratic behaviour. So the latest pictures of Demi Moore are likely to cause concern among her family and friends, as the actress was seen exhibiting some very bizarre behaviour at a party with Lenny Kravitz on Wednesday night. The 50-year-old actress played up to the photographers present at the Chanel Beachside Barbecue, leaving friends including Kravitz and George Clooney’s girlfriend Stacy Keibler bemused by her antics. As she enjoyed a chilled out sit down with Kravitz, Demi couldn’t resist busting some moves in time with the music. The mother-of-three, who wore a chic grey playsuit for the occasion, was seen lifting her arms and bumping and grinding while in her seat, as Kravitz appeared embarrassed and looked away. While it is not clear whether or not Demi was drinking at the evening, an array of energy drink cans were seen in front of her on the table – perhaps giving some explanation to her behaviour. As well as her dancing, Demi was seen playing around with her hair – pulling her raven locks in front of her face as she posed up with Lenny. Later in the evening, Demi found a new friend to play with as she posed with Stacy, who did her best to give the waiting photographers a chic shot – despite a slightly manic-looking Demi clinging on her arm. While Demi’s new beau American art dealer Vito Schnabel, 26, was at the event, the pair didn’t pose up together, but were rumoured to have indulged in a passionate PDA inside.

LOL! Look, we all have that friend … the one we love to hang out with at the start of the night but as the booze starts flowin’ and the dance moves start poppin’, well, we’re really not all that happy to be hanging out with them anymore. I’m sure Demi was having the time of her life. She was gettin’ down like a freak-a-deak. Honestly, I can’t be mad at her. Sure, if she were my friend, I might’ve slipped out the back door as soon as the twerking got started but by looking at these photos? Naw, I ain’t mad at her. Do your thing, Demi. Dance, girl.

[Photo credit: Wireimage, Splash News; Source]

  • Cupcake

    Call me crazy but from these photo’s posted it doesn’t look like Lenny is embarrassed at all. I don’t think there is anything wrong w/her dancing/feeling the music & having a good time. Enjoy life, why not? Leave her along, geez (rolling eyes) people read into things too much :)

  • Cupcake

    by the way my post is not directed to you Trent *hugs* just wanted you to know

  • Ella

    She looks like a desperate housewife.

  • nicole

    i would totally bust out in dance moves for Lenny *groupie love*

    • Shannon

      nicole, ditto.

    • LiQue

      Wouldn’t we all?

  • Megan

    Girlfriend needs to realize she ain’t in her 20’s anymore

  • Erica

    He couldn’t look any less interested. Maybe she should 86 those God awful glasses.