Ariel Winter’s Mom Accused Of Trying To Leak Nude Pictures Of The Young ‘Modern Family’ Star’s Sister


A little while back we had to report on a truly sad story. Ariel Winter from ABC’s Modern Family was removed from her mother’s care, following allegations of physical and emotional abuse in the home. The 14 year-old actress has been living with her sister Shanelle since then and seems to be doing fine, although it can’t be easy to have all this going on right now. The family is supposed to appear before a judge so that a final determination can be made about the case, but in the meantime, new, troubling details about Ariel’s mom are beginning to surface. Click inside to read more.

TMZ has the report:

Ariel Winter’s mother recently attempted to leak nude photos of Ariel’s sister Shanelle Gray through a Hollywood publicist — this according to the publicist himself, who could end up playing a critical role in the battle for custody of Ariel.

Jonathan Hay tells TMZ … Chrystal Workman — the “Modern Family” star’s mother — contacted him this week, and said she had nude photos of Shanelle she wanted to secretly release to the public.

TMZ broke the story … a judge awarded Shanelle guardianship of 14-year-old Ariel in October after allegations Chrystal was emotionally and physically abusing Ariel.

Hay claims Chrystal hounded him all week about leaking the pics — which he says are 8 or 9 years old — but he refused because he felt like Chrystal was trying to “sell out her daughter” … and he wanted to help Ariel.

Hay says he’s already been contacted by a member of Ariel’s legal team — but adds at this point it’s unclear how much of a role, if any, he will play in the case.

Hay says he would have no problem filing a declaration in support of Ariel — but says he has not been asked to do so yet.

Ariel’s case will be back in court on December 10.

I cannot UGH enough. This is one of those stories that I really, really hope is untrue. A mother leaking nude pictures of her own daughter?! That can’t be real. And then again… it could absolutely be real. If Chrystal is capable of physically and emotionally abusing both of her daughters (Ariel’s sister Shanelle suffered similar abuse when she was younger, and she was sent to a foster home for two years), then she’s certainly capable of this.

Again, I UGH. It’s really scary to think of all the damage someone can do when they bring children into this world… but clearly have no business bringing children into the world. Here’s hoping Ariel can stay with her sister (I’m pretty sure she’s still a better guardian than Chrystal… nude photos or no), and that she gets the love and support she needs during this time.

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  • ClaireMichelle

    Okay, this is all terrible. Way to prove the world that you truly are a terrible mother, Chrystal! But I wanted to point out the nude pics are 8 or 9 years old. The daughter would be about 25 in them, not 9! Which is still terrible, but not as terrible as if she was acually 9 in the pics!

    • Shannon

      ClaireMichelle, ooh! Thank you. Still awful, but yes… very different.

    • aeb

      ha, was going to say the same thing as CM – disgusting no matter how you slice it. i wonder when her son will say something, since he is the one who defended their mom the last time shanelle was saying her mom was bad.

    • Ella

      If the pictures were of a 9 year old, Chrystal would be guilty of trying to distribute child pornography. That could only work in Ariel’s favor.
      This woman is just plain disgusting and she should lose ALL of her parental rights. The kind of “mother” who abuses her child obviously has no qualms about doing something like this. The woman is just trying to hold onto her cash cow and punching bag.

  • WP

    I think there is some confusion between the title of this post, as well as the content by the author.

    The key information is found in the statement: “Ariel Winter‘s mother recently attempted to leak nude photos of Ariel’s SISTER Shanelle Gray through a Hollywood publicist …”

    So, NOT pictures of the Modern Family star (Arielle) and since Shanelle is in her 30’s, the photos would not be of a 9 year old.

    • Shannon

      WP, yes I’m just realizing the screw up– post’s been edited. Thanks to all of you for pointing this out (and for being a better reader than me this morning, lol)!

  • I honestly don’t believe this. I don’t really believe any of the allegations against the mom, tbh.

    • Ella

      @Trent- How come? Just curious as to your take on the whole situation.

    • @Ella — IMHO, I know Mexican family dynamics. Old school Mexican parents are strict. Kids don’t like strictness, especially rich kids. My gut tells me that this is a case of rebellion gotten out of hand. I can’t know for sure, it’s just what I’m feeling.

    • ClaireMichelle

      I don’t know. I tend to believe the daughters mostly because child services have rules against her twice now, with the older daughter and now Ariel. And the son is the only one sticking by the mother which reminds me of one of my good friends. Her mom was terrible to her, but her brother could do no wrong even though he got in legal trouble constantly. Maybe I am just relating this too much to my friend so I’m just siding with the girls by default. Interesting point though!!

    • @ClaireMichelle — I always tend to believe the accuser first but … I dunno. My Mexican gut.

    • Ella

      I had no idea they were Mexican. I understand having first hand knowledge of a certain shared culture. My family is from Trinidad so I have certain opinions about Nicki Minaj(cannot stand her). I hope you are right to doubt the allegations and that they aren’t true, but you don’t know all Mexican families. I’m a little shocked that’s your reason for doubting her claims.

  • Sam

    Mmm Shannon, forgot about mama Kardashian? I’m pretty sure she had a had in the leaking of her daughter’s video back in the day

    • Shannon

      Sam, you KNOW I thought about Kris while I was writing this one, lol! I ‘UGH’ over this story because we’re talking about a family where children have been in foster care and stuff like that (although I do think Trent makes an interesting point about the dynamics of a Mexican family). But if the allegations are true, I wouldn’t necessarily argue that this family is any better or worse than the Kardashian’s… I just think that if Kris leaked anything, her daughter suuuuure didn’t mind.

  • nicole

    this is just disgusting. how could you do that to your daughter?

    • @nicole — Um, allegations aren’t proof. I can’t believe this at all.

    • nicole

      i meant to put in “if its true” but i paused while typing and clearly forgot a few words. total my bad.

  • Lulu

    I would be less inclined to believe it if it was just one daughter.. but both? And now that the other is an adult I would think the teen rebellion card would be off the table, right??

    It’s just all a bit crazy, but I still side with the girls on this one.

  • Megan

    I agree with Trent about the strict Mexican parents, but at the same time, who says she’s not strict to the point of being abusive?

    • @Megan — Yes, of course, I don’t know for sure but … my gut.