No Doubt ROCKS LA On Night 6 Of Their Week Long Residency


Last night I met up with Darion and Courtney and we met up with their friend Subha at the Gibson Amphitheater in Universal City to see No Doubt LIVE in concert. No Doubt is playing a string of 7 sold out nights at the venue and last night was night #6 of the run. While I was very much looking forward to the show, I can’t say that I was overly excited for the show. My excitement level went up considerably once the show began and I was reminded by how many hit songs the band has put out over the years. It had been AGES since I saw No Doubt in concert so it was really fun seeing them in action again. Click below to check out some photos and watch 2 performance videos that I shot at last night’s show.

The setlist was really perfect. The band performed 3 new songs (because they have to promote their new album Push and Shove) but the rest of the list was made up of classic hit songs … as well as a few really rare old skool pre-Tragic Kingdom songs. I have to say, I was really impressed. Gwen Stefani was a true rock star. She owned that stage. Thruout the show, in between most songs, she stopped to sign autographs or pose for pictures WITH fans in the audience. At one point, she just brought some folks up on stage so that she could interact with them. It was really refreshing to see a big rock star show so much attention to her fans. I was very impressed.

Here are a couple videos from last night’s show so you can see how much fun we all had. Here is the band performing one of my all-time favorite No Doubt songs Sunday Morning:

And here is No Doubt performing their massive hit Spiderwebs:

Darion, Courtney, Subha and I had a really fun time. I’m so glad I went to the show … honestly, I wish I could see them again :)

Today, I have some cleaning and LOTS of packing to do. I fly out with Emma tomorrow to Hawaii for a few days ahead of my first full marathon on Sunday. In all honesty, I’m nowhere near ready for the marathon but … I’m still going, I’m still running … I’m still going to finish. I know it’s going to take a lot longer than I was planning but I’m gonna do it. OY!

Happy Hump Day!!

  • Caroline

    Enjoy the marathon! Remember that it will be painful and you will probably end up questioning your own sanity when you hit mile 17 and cheer that you are finally in single digits of the “how many more fricking miles left” countdown and there will be one person who yells “only 2 miles left! Sprint it” and you will want to rip his head off and punt kick it but your legs simply can’t. And then you will cross the finish line and feel pride like no other. It is so worth it!! Happy miles to you!

  • Jstar

    Good luck and safe travels!!! You can do it!

  • Trish

    Good luck on your first marathon. The pain is only temporary and you will be so happy that you were able to finish. Only 1% of the world can say they have run a marathon.

  • Jessica Leigh

    Ah sooo jealous! No Doubt is my all-time fav band (aside from Spice Girls when I was 9). I love that they did lots of their older stuff! Tragic Kingdom and before was the bestttt. Wish I could have swung for tickets. I’m hoping they do more concerts in a year or two when I have some pocket money. They put on a great show!

  • Diana

    I saw them a few years ago when they did their tour and since they had no new album out then, it was all Old School No Doubt. It was AMAZING. We stood up front and I nearly go to touch her (aggh! Lol). She really made eye contact with those of us up front but also really looked out to the audience beyond. She knows how to perform and connect with her audience for sure. I love her. Did she do push-ups through Just a Girl? :)

  • Sam

    Looks like my favorite gossip blogger is doing aaaaalllright. Glad to see you smiling in that pic, Trent!