First Look: Seth Green Reunites With Alyson Hannigan On ‘How I Met Your Mother’


Early last month we learned that Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum Seth Green filmed a special guest role on fellow former BtVS co-star Alyson Hannigan’s CBS TV series How I Met Your Mother. Today we get to see the first promo images released from the episode where this Buffyverse reunion takes place. Click below to see a few photos from the episode. Now, I don’t watch HIMYM so I’m not sure if these photos are spoilery or not so use your best judgement. I believe the Seth/Alyson storyline is the B story of the episode so I don’t think the images below are spoilery at all.

It appears that this first batch of photos take place in the past while the second set of photos takes place in the present:

As I said, I don’t watch HIMYM but I think I might have to tune in to watch this ep to see Aly and Seth reunited on screen again. This episode of How I Met Your Mother, airs on December 10 with part 2 airing on December 17. Will you be tuning in? Any HIMYM fans out there? Care to give us some info on what might be going on here?


  • tessa

    shannon you should totally go back and watch this show from the beginning – it’s hilarious! it was just added to canadian netflix…not sure if it’s available on the US one or not!

    • tessa

      woops, trent – not shannon (though shannon you should check it out too!) :)

  • KiTX

    Photos aren’t spoilery, no worries. =) The first set is when they were in college at Wesleyan (probably freshmen year?), the second set is now, but this doesn’t go with any plotline that’s happening now so it’s probably the B story. And I second Tessa- HIMYM is beyond amazing. Jason Segel, NPH, Alyson Hannigan- so much to love!

  • Lauri

    You *have* to watch it- for Alyson and NPH if nothing else.

    Also- bahaha at the “you’re straight again” bubble. :)

  • Brittany

    I can’t wait for this. I hope it’s as good as when Alexis is on the show :)

  • Devonte

    You really should watch HIMYM, I started watching it when it was 7 seasons in and I caught up on Netflix…it really is hilarious, I love it!

  • JeniLeeSK8

    Trent – seasons 1-4 are def worth watching. 5 and 6 are meh. But season 7 and this current season are just wretched. I wanted to stick it out and see who the mother is but i dont think i can anymore.

  • nina

    You don´t watch it? YOU don´t watch it? You DON´T watch it? You don´t watch IT? What do you mean you don´t watch it??????