Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Goes Off On Taylor Swift On Twitter [UPDATE]


You. Can’t. Make. This. Ish. Up!!! Here I am, minding my business, perusing the HuffPost and I see this headline: “Hailie Scott Mathers, Taylor Swift: Eminem’s Daughter Tells Singer To ‘Stop Whoring Around’ On Twitter.” LMAO! I couldn’t click that link fast enough y’all. First of all– look at baby Hailie! All grown up and starting Twitter beef! I love it. Please click inside to read these tweets from Marshall Mathers’s sixteen (yes, sixteen) year-old daughter, who (like many folks) has taken issue with Taylor Swift’s dating habits. That ish cray. UPDATE/Disclaimer: There are so many fake Twitter accounts for this girl so we don’t even know if this is THE real Hailie Mathers, but it doesn’t make the story less hilarious, IMO.

Okay, so it all started out, like, fairly innocent:


Still pretty innocent:


Then ish got real… real Mathers-like:


And that’s when all hell broke loose among Twitter users ages 12-17. Those Taylor Swift fans came outta nowhere defending their Queen and going iiiiin on Hailie! LMAO, it was no joke. But Hailie kept at it:



Okay?! But that’s not even the crazy part! Another site reported that she later apologized for what she said and, indeed she did… except for the part where she deleted it, like, 5 seconds ago lol. Here’s what her [retracted] apology said:

Wow. I didnt mean for people to react to my tweet in the way that they have it was just a bit of fun! Sorry @taylorswift13 for my immaturity.

I believe I’m entitled to my own opinion, but that got out of control. I don’t understand why there are ‘news’ articles written about it!

LMAO! She clearly doesn’t get how celebrity gossip works– this is definitely news Hailie. But let me not get out of line, I don’t need nooo Detroit rappers comin’ at me on wax. Seriously.

Anyway, can we just take a moment to feel old as f— now that little baby Hailie from Eminem’s arm tattoo is seriously 16? Look at her!

Yeah. I’m old. Shouts-out to Hailie. What do you guys think of her very first, publicized Twitter beef? Oh, and there’ve been no tweets from Taylor Swift regarding this issue. She’s probably a little busy dating hot guys and trying on Zuhair Murad dresses. Or something like that.

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  • nicole

    holy crap. 16..wow. time probably flew because eminem did an amazing job of keeping her out the public eye – well atleast until she got on twitter haha. she grew up to be a very beautiful girl though.

    as for what she said…she basically made the same comment about swifts dating life that everyone else has. no big deal. shes just a girl with a crush on a boy from a boy band, what girl hasnt been there? these days, all the fan girling gets out of control. now that i think about , compared to some of the stuff i see on twitter, this is realllllllllly tame.

    • yasmin

      eminems manijor said
      eminems brother said
      ITS FAKE

  • nicole

    geeez another comment ‘pending’ boooo lol.

  • Megan

    What I really want to know is what does Eminem think about his daughter being a One Direction fan?! Does he take her to their concerts??! Imagine Eminem at a One Direction concert!!! Also I’m surprised that she’s on twitter seeing as Eminem has kept her very sheltered but I suppose kids can’t be sheltered from the world forever. She’s a stunning girl and I’m very pleased with her decent spelling which is something a lot of young celebrities could work on! (HINT HINT Justin Bieber, all of One Direction, etc…)

    • Shannon

      Megan, ‘Imagine Eminem at a One Direction concert!!!’ LMAO! I just did. It was ah-mazing! And even if he doesn’t take her to concerts there’s no way he can avoid buying her the albums and posters and stuff.

    • Joan

      Can you imagine if Em made her tweet the apology? LOL

  • AwesomeMargie

    I wish I had Twitter when I was that age so I could have told whoever was dating Joey McIntyre to back the f*ck off.

    I wonder what MM has to say about it or if he told her something.

    • @AweseomeMargie — “I wish I had Twitter when I was that age so I could have told whoever was dating Joey McIntyre to back the f*ck off.”


    • Jstar

      LOL I would have done the EXACT SAME THING!!!

  • ClaireMichelle

    I don’t agree with her comments at all, but wow did she grow up to be a beauty!! I can’t believe she is 16?! Holy cow. I would die to see Eminem taking her to a One Direction concert. Please let that happen.

  • Julie May

    It’s no big deal except for who she is. My 14 year old doesn’t like Salena Gomez because Justin B. is “hers.” Wouldn’t be a story if she wasn’t who she is. BTW she is GORGEOUS!

  • Ella

    I forget he was mad young when he had his daughter. I was her age when Eminem began his big time career. She was always just a three year old in my mind. She turned into a beautiful girl and I think people (see-Swift fans) needs to chill the eff out.

    • Dawn

      He wasn’t that young. Like…24. He turned 40 this year. THAT makes me feel old. :)

  • aeb

    i can’t remember where i read it, but eminem’s management has basically said this is a fake account.

    • aeb
    • Shannon

      aeb, from what I understand Hailie has said before that her account’s been hacked; from what I understand this account is the real one (the pics and captions on the page seem to suggest that too), but I’ll double check.

    • aeb

      i keep trying to reply but it won’t let me. if you look at eminem’s manager’s twitter page (verified account) he says it’s not real. but now looking, there are two different accounts. i don’t know what i think anymore!

    • aeb

      making an effort to follow up to what i said:

    • Shannon

      Thanks aeb! I replied below :)

    • aeb

      glad i could make my point five times! yeesh! but yes, i am now realizing the two accounts, etc. thanks! wonder why he even made an effort to say ANY account was fake in this? to distract people like me?

  • aeb

    i can reply to my comment for some reason. but it’s this tweet:

    • Shannon

      aeb, yes! I saw that and that is the fake account. If you click the link he posted you’ll see that the Twitter page doesn’t exist, but that one is @hailiejade_x and this one that we pulled the tweets from @Hailie_Scott1

  • ella

    Yeah, funniest part of this story to me is that Hailie says she’s not going to listen to Taylor Swift ANYMORE. Which means she did listen to her. And One Direction. Which means that Eminem has been living in a house in which Taylor Swift and One Direction are blasting. I imagine that must fuel his rage problem.

  • junie

    it’s a hoax. it’s been confirmed!

    • Lulu

      Hoax, or Daddy fixed a potential issue for her?? :)

    • Eminemfan

      Naw the girl in the pictures on that account wasn’t even hailie so yea pretty sure it’s a fake

  • Joan

    LOL! I love everything about this mainly because I think it’s hilarious. Her Twitter looks like a shrine to One Direction. “My father is not happy with me right now.” Yeah, we could all see that one coming, Hailie!

  • Jade

    Um., that’s not Eminem’s daughter. This person is…..https://twitter.com/Angry_Blonde

  • Jade

    Is my comment being moderated. This is Eminem’s daughter’s twitter but she hasn’t tweeted in months. https://twitter.com/Angry_Blonde

    • @Jade — Some links cause the spam block to mark comments as pending. Sorry bout that.

  • Jade

    The girl in the blue sweatshirt is Eminem’s daughter. The other girl posted is a fake. Can you tell how different they look? This one is, and she hasn’t tweeted in months. https://twitter.com/Angry_Blonde

    • Shannon

      Jade, thanks for sharing this… this is hilarious. Honestly? I CAN’T tell the difference… not really. I mean, the pics look diff but they don’t look like two completely different people to me. Here’s the funny thing, Angry Blonde said a certain account was a fake, but it wasn’t the one I used, which means there are HELLA fake accounts for her and so I don’t know WHO to believe anymore, lol. But I’ll update the post anyway :)

  • Lauri

    So, either this profile is real and Eminem is in a house where One Direction *is* being blared and Taylor Swift *was* being blared (until she stole Hailie’s man…

    Or someone is taking the time to impersonate Eminem’s teenage daughter to insult Taylor Swift and express love for the One Direction dude.

    Both scenarios are funny enough for me.

    • Eminemfan

      Yea it’s the second one its been confirmed that it was a fake hailie

  • Ruby

    Taylor’s too busy being at the top of the charts to reply to a little kid.

  • Shannon

    Wow so she is so pretty! But I can picture someones next song going a little something like this, “you dont want to F with Hailie, cause Hailie with ef’n kill you! LOL

  • ShameOnTheMedia

    I don’t understand why the world seem to have made such a massive deal out of this… she is a 16 year old teenager for gods sakes… that’s what they all say when the guy they have a crush on (love) goes out with someone else… its so frickin’ normal!… Shame on the media (yet again!), you’re so pathetic!… she is a child, leave her alone! this is what children do & say! sheesh! it’s innocent, shes not a bloomin’ axe murderer is she?! SHE IS A TEENAGER!

  • Eminemfan

    This was a fake account I feel so bad for hailie they should just leave her alone.

  • Jasmine

    I totally agree with her

  • Jasmine Phillips

    taylor swift is gonna be 80 living lonely cuz aint nobidy gonna wanna date her