Anne Hathaway And The Cast Of ‘Les Misérables’ Attend The London Premiere


So I’m torn y’all. I see Anne Hathaway in this gorgeous Givenchy gown and I’m all like yes, yes, yes. It’s different, it’s gorgeous, it’s Couture– I love it! But then I read my favorite Fashion Critic’s blog about it and she was all hell-to-the-nawl. She haaated it! Plus she saw it in real life. So now I’m looking at it again, wondering if I’m waaay off, or if we just have to disagree on this one (although I agree with some people who pointed out that the sleeves throw the off look). Anne Hathaway (who currently has an amazing cover story with Glamour magazine) showed up to the London premiere of Les Misérables in a satin Givenchy halter gown with an open back. I honestly think she looks amazing but I’ve been one-sidedly bonding with her lately over these awesome interviews and the Les Miz trailers, so maybe I’m biased. Anne was joined by her co-stars Amanda Seyfried, [hottie] Eddie Redmayne, Russell Crowe Hugh Jackman and Samantha Barks. Amanda also looked great, wearing a Balenciaga dress that I kind of lurve. Peep the gallery for more!


[Photo Credits: INF/Wenn/Pacific Coast News/Bauer-Griffin] [Source]

  • ceebee

    This is amazing – the hair and make up are flawless and that dress? If I was able to pull that off, I’d wear it every day – it’s only recently I’ve really started to appreciate Anne’s look (I know she used to be dressed by Rachel Z, not sure if that’s still the case but her name used to be dropped a lot on that show of RZ’s!). I didn’t really like Amanda’s, look like a nipslip waiting to happen!

  • ClaireMichelle

    Anne is WORKING that dress. She looks amazing.

  • Joan

    Hm, I love the back more than the front, so I guess I’m torn as well. I can see why it would look different in person: the fabric is shiny and clingy and with lots of detailing… But like Claire says, Anne is totally working it! I could never hate on it just for that fact.
    With Amanda’s dress I love the top half of the dress, but I’m not too crazy about the bottom half. LOL! I’m torn as well.

  • Lulu

    Hmm.. sorry, no. I don’t like it! the pokey fabric.. the buttons?! down the front..

    I want to love it, but nope I just can’t!

    • Brittany

      Totally agree. I want to like it but just can’t do it.

  • Ben@pr

    Anne is wearing the hell out of that dress!!! Maybe it didn’t look good in person but it photographs amazing.

  • nicole

    im not a huge fan of the back of Anne’s dress, but i kind of like the frong. and this is is probably the first time i’ve loved her hair. im not loving Amandas dress at all.

  • aeb

    i hate the dress. the fug girls captured it well for me. the back is what pushed me over the edge, but also the sweat catchers under her arms..
    but her hair/makeup, everything above the shoulders is amaze. she is so pretty that i can ignore the dress with her smile!