Amber Rose Swears She’s Not Nude In A New Baby Bump Photo


A royal baby (or babies, depending on who you ask)¬†may be on the way, but let’s not forget about Kate Middleton’s pregnancy buddy, Amber Rose! A little while back we found out that Amber and her fianc√© Wiz Khalifa (who plan to get married before the baby arrives) are expecting a bouncing baby boy, and Amber’s been taking to Twitter to share some new pics. One of which, is seemingly NSFW… but then again… maybe it is. Lol, click inside for more Roselifah bump watchin.’

She swears that she has on shorts, but who can tell? She def won’t be able to see her feet next month, lol:

I love this pic:


So there you have it. Life as we know it.. inside of Amber Rose. Mama Rose is at the beginning of her third trimester so she’s got a couple more months to go. I’m not gonna lie, I’m kinda psyched to see this baby! Here’s hoping she’s staying off her feet and getting lots of rest!

What do you guys think of the pic? We’ve seen so many women pose nude while prego, I can’t imagine that it’s much of a shock anymore. Anyway, I think Amber’s just legitimately excited. And she should be. It’s a baby!

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  • krib

    if she had on shorts, wouldnt we see them atleast on the sides of the hips? invisible shorts!

    • Shannon

      krib, not if they were booty shorts– like the ones she’s wearing in the second pic, lol.

  • Hannah

    Underwear or not, it makes no difference you can’t see anything.

    I don’t know much about her (other than being Kanye’s ex right?), but looking at these photos I can’t help but think, wow she is gorgeous.

    • Shannon

      Hannah, she’s gorgeous. It’s a lot for me to deal with, lol.

  • kendra

    That bottom picture is so adorable..Her hair looks way better dark than bleach blonde!

    • Shannon

      kendra, I was so shocked by the brunette look at first but I think I gotta agree with you. It looks good on her, and a little more natural.

  • Megan

    Yea, idk why it matters if shes naked or not. You can’t see anything. It’s her pictures, she can wear or not wear whatever she wants

  • Ruby

    1. Pregnant bellies are gross.
    2. She needs to grow her hair. Ew.

  • apriljan

    Roselifah! I’m such a big fan of them, I can’t even.