Watch: An Amazing Trailer Is Released For ‘$ellebrity,’ A Documentary On Paparazzi, Media, And Celebrity Gossip


I cannot wait to watch this movie!!! So juicy! So, $ellebrity is a new documentary film that premiered at SXSW Film Festival earlier this year and I have to see it! The trailer actually debuted over the summer but IMDB is just now sharing it and it is intense. It basically addresses many of the questions a lot of us have asked about fame, celebrity, pop culture, and media. Do the paparazzi go way too far? Do we, as consumers of celebrity and pop culture, require them to do so (how else would we know what Marion Cotillard’s baby looks like)? Do celebrities take advantage of the paparazzi when it’s convenient for them?  And why-oh-why are so many talent-less people totally famous? There’s a great moment in the trailer when Salma Hayek says, “There are people out there now who are absolutely famous, who don’t work!” LMAO. I KNOW right?! Peep the video for more! How cool does this look?


  • kendra

    It looks interesting but I think I’d get sick of the celebrities whining while wearing their expensive clothes and jewelry..Except Kid Rock..He’s effing hilarious in interviews..So stoked he’s part of this! I have always wondered how these paps work, though..I’d rent it for sure..

  • ClaireMichelle

    Thanks for sharing!! This looks so interesting! I know I read tons of magazines even when I know most of it isn’t true. It’s just fun to live vicariously through the rich and glamorous. I agree with Jen in this clip though that CNN having celeb gossip on their shows and website is insane. There’s a place for that stuff, and CNN is not that place I feel like. And papz are not artists no matter how you slice it, haha. Sorry! This looks really interesting, can’t wait!

  • Hannah

    It looks interesting. I am always conflicted in terms of the paparazzi. I get that they go too far but how far is too far and how much do some of those celebrities court it. There is a fine line in there somewhere, but impossible to really set in stone.

    There are some huge a listers that manage to live a “normal” life. Plus I do get annoyed when actors get all upset over the reality stars who don’t work yet get paid for it, as if they are more special and worthy or the attention/money.

  • emily

    OMG Kid Rock – “Jesus could come back and have his picture taken on TMZ and the first comment would be, “Jesus is an a**hole.” I died. He nailed it.

    • kendra

      @emily – He says douchebag..Or fucking douchebag to be totally accurate..I think you’re letting your own feelings towards Jesus seep out.. ;)

    • Shannon

      emily & kendra, LMAO at both of you.

      Kid Rock absolutely wasn’t wrong.

    • emily

      @kendra – woops! guess I was too busy laughing to hear correctly. thanks :o)

  • Dot

    I will not comment on celebrities because very often they are the ones who seek for attention but there is one thing I don’t understand: why is allowed to show faces of their kids why aren’t they blurred? I think showing their faces, unless the parent allows it, should be forbidden by law.

    • @Dot — “why is allowed to show faces of their kids why aren’t they blurred?”

      Because it’s not against the law to do so.

    • Dot

      That’s why I think it should be forbidden in USA (this is how it works in my country, they blur out kids faces)

  • chadSF

    Hmmm. Sounds interesting but the question is – Will this film document anything new that E! True Hollywood or shows like that hasn’t told many of us already?

    • Shannon

      chadSF, I thought the same thing. Unfortunately, I love every single one of those E! things (like, anything on E! lol) so I’m still into this. Plus I think the director will pay close attention to the blogosphere, which is (obvi), interesting to me. I’d like to see if any conclusions about celebrity and media are drawn by the end of the film.

  • Ashley

    Can’t wait for this! Checked out their Facebook page and they’re giving away a cool Michael Jackson print from the director. Can’t wait for this to come to NY.

  • Lexie

    I never thought the paparazzi went to far until I saw that Britney Spears documentary a few years ago (right at the beginning of her comeback) … there was a scene where she was waiting inside the car for the crowd of cameras to clear. It was honestly panic attack-inducing thinking about having to face that many people at once just to get from the car to the doors of a store!

  • Megan

    Yea, some of the videos I have seen of mobs of paparazzi following celebrities is ridiculous. I don’t know how they stand it. That many people need the same picture of someone walking to a car? But with our obsession and the amount of money it makes these people, I don’t see how it could ever get better. And I agree about the published pictures of children. It should only be allowed with consent of the parents. That’s the rule for regular children, why not for children with famous parents?