The ‘Christian Louboutin’ Christmas Tree Is Out Of Control


Do y’all remember a while back when Christian Louboutin designed a new Cinderella glass slipper? Everyone was going cray cray over them (although not everyone lurved the design), and it was pretty fun. Well the red-bottom shoes that we all know, love, and (for the most part) admire from afar, have found a new purpose via the new Christian Louboutin window displays in NYC. Learn more about the red-soled Christmas tree of every fashionistas dream, inside!

Soooo, yeah:

E! has the report:

Love the holidays and high heels? It’s time to rejoice, fashionistas!

Take a look at the magnificent window displays at Christian Louboutin boutiques located in New York’s Meatpacking District, as well as uptown on Madison Avenue, and you’ll see what all of the festive fuss is about.

The luxury store is luring customers in with a brilliant holiday tree display featuring (what else?) their iconic Pigalle shoe (celebrity fans include Blake Lively, Jennifer Lopez and Kristen Stewart, just to name a few) and quite honestly, we’re smitten with this stylish toast to the season.

Arranged in pretty pairs, the fancy footwear installation boasts signature red soles encrusted with red Swarovski ELEMENTS crystals for added holiday sparkle, and is surrounded by a triple mirror screen to further amplify the lust-worthy presentation. Tres chic, no?

LMAO! Every time I see something like this I think of David Spade’s old show (The Showbiz Show), and the segment he used to do called Why They Hate Us. It was this hilarious tongue-in-cheek response to the age-old American question about why people from other countries… um… take issue with American culture. The one segment I saw featured all the teenage girls from MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen. I think these Christmas trees would have totally made the segment too.

All that being said, how effing cute are these?! I was in the city the other day and, honestly, the window displays on Fifth Ave. are just insane. Sooo fun to gaze at as I try to figure out whether or not I can afford a cab back to Grand Central (I usually can’t). LMAO. No, but seriously. Who wants this tree?



  • nicole

    umm i want one of those right now.

  • Courtney

    I.Just.Died. Officially on my Christmas List of things I will never have. haha

  • Dezden

    Hahaha! I’ll be in NYC next week… I may have to stop by to take a pic for my Loub obsessed friend!