The Beckham Family Celebrates The LA Galaxy’s 2012 MLS Championship Win In Hollywood


Over the weekend David Beckham played his final game with the LA Galaxy in the 2012 MLS Championship game that resulted in a 3-1 win against the Houston Dynamo. Not only was the game a big championship win for Becks but it was the second championship win for the Galaxy. After the celebration was finished at the Home Depot Center, the party moved to Hollywood where Becks and his family kept the party going. Check out a couple of cute photos of Les Beckhams and the boys in full on celebratory mode.

David Beckham had some special friends and family on hand to help him say goodbye to the Los Angeles Galaxy. The sports stud, who played his last game with the soccer team on Saturday, partied post game with … his wife Victoria Beckham. The 37-year-old even shared photos of the festivities with fans on Facebook. In one shot, Becks, dressed in a crisp black suit and tie, poses with … Victoria and their three sons Romeo, Cruz and Brooklyn huddle around the trophy together as a family. Beckham [also] snapped a pic with just his wife. Saturday’s Galaxy 3-1 win against the Houston Dynamo was Beckham’s second MLS cup victory with the team. He joined the L.A. team back in 2007 before announcing his departure last month.

Gah! I both happy and sad about Becks’s final Galaxy game. I’m happy that he is leaving the team as a winner. I’m sad that he’s leaving the team … period. Still, just because Becks won’t be playing for the LA Galaxy anymore, that doesn’t mean that we won’t see him around anymore. It’s really great seeing Becks and the family looking so happy and well. Vicki B. even looks emotional, imagine that. Congrats again, Becks. Job very well done :)

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  • kendra

    Ah! I love this family! I’ve taught my 2-year-old niece and nephew the David Beckham chant and to say that he’s gorgeous..Have to get them started early!

  • reet petite

    Well, I suppose this is why guy fans roll their eyes at “chick” fans..we become (some might say) emotionally involved in our teams. Being born and raised in LA, I’ve never known anything but the World Champion Lakers and any/all changes really hurt. I never really got the part where a player gets traded off somewhere else and is supposed to just ‘man-up’ and say buhbye to their former team (and fans). It’s even worse when the player opts out and chooses to go.

    It never felt like we had Beckham forever. I mean, LA isn’t “home” for him. Everyone must have realised that he’ll go “home” at some point and we won’t have him any more. But many secretly wished he’d stay, I know I did. ..and I know how much of an impact he’s had on so many kids who want to be just like him. He’s single-handedly done so much for Galaxy by bringing in new fans.

    Taking my nephews to see Galaxy/Beckham play was so awesome. My 6 yr old nephew was crying when he heard Beckham was leaving. So, I told him that it was okay..he was just going “home”.

    At the risk of sounding like a cry-baby, sissy girl..(can’t help it..I AM one),
    David Beckham, we all love you and you’ll be sooo missed!