Snooki’s Got Some Parenting Advice For Kate Middleton


Haters can hate on Nicole Snooki Polizzi, but methinks motherhood’s been looking good on her and (although I’m basing this almost entirely on her Twitter), she seems to know what makes baby and mommy happy. The New York Daily News reached out to the Jersey Shore star and asked for comments on the royal baby news that took us all by storm. Click inside to read some of Snooki’s suggestions for Kate Middleton!

E! has the story:

The Jersey Shore star took it upon herself to give the Duchess of Cambridge some helpful tips for her journey to motherhood, now that Snooks has been a mom for a decent amount of time.

“It’s hard, but don’t stress out!” she told the New York Daily News. “Enjoy your pregnancy and be excited.”

“Enjoy your time at home—or the castle, in her case—with the baby,” she added. “Especially the first few months.”

Snooki also shares that if Kate chooses to breastfeed her baby, then she should purchase “the Boppy pillow. Every new mom should have one.”

And, of course, Snooki congratulated the soon-to-be parents, “Congrats to Will and Kate. I’m sure she will be an amazing mom.”


Well, there you have it! Snooki’s an awesome Mom… because she fully understands the glory of a Boppy pillow. No, seriously. I wish I had one of those things right now. My kids are too big (and, like don’t breastfeed anymore), but don’t those things just feel awesome around the waist, lmao?! Look at this; don’t you just wanna live here:



Of course, it’s so easy to crack jokes about how Snooki has no business advising Kate Middleton– which would be true if we were talking about, like, fashion or politics maybe. But this is motherhood! And judging by Lorenzo’s larger-than-life smiles, I think Snooki’s a great resource for maternal advice. Either way, something tells me Kate and Will are gonna be just fine.

Again, congrats to the couple! I still cannot believe the Duchess is preggers!!!



  • Sabrina

    I couldn’t agree more with you Shannon. Snooki seems like an awesome mom, based on Twitter.

    Those pillows are so comfortable, I still have my daughter & she will be 3 this weekend. :( she isn’t a baby anymore

  • nicole

    oooh those pillows…i totally use to steal my nephews haha