Ryan Gosling Tries To Go Incognito In Venice, CA


Ryan Gosling, who enjoyed his Thanksgiving Day with girlfriend Eva Mendes in NYC last month, has made his way to SoCal to take care of some showbiz biz. Ryan met up with some dude at a restaurant in Venice named Gjelina with his Big Dog Drilling trucker hat pulled low over his eyes. Could it be that Ryan was discussing a top secret film project to come?

I guess we can’t know for sure what the lunch meeting was all about but I’m sure it was serious biz. I have to give Ryan props for trying to disappear underneath that camouflage cap but my heightened Gosling sense was able to see right thru his attempt at incognitoness. It’s a gift, what can I do? It’s nice knowing that Ryan is here in LA right now … perchance I’ll run into him on one of his incognito excursions around town? Wish me luck ;)

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]