Happy Birthday Jay-Z!

I Couldn't Make It To 43, So Here Are 30 Reasons He Runs This And Many Other Towns

21. Are you into Rihanna? ‘Cause he kinda, sorta discovered Rihanna.


22.Do you have any idea how difficult it is to make a decent concept album?! This entire album changed my liiiiife:


23. Well, mainly this song:


24. Kanye West literally wrote an entire song about his obsession with Jay:


25. No, really. He wants to be like him sooo bad. It’s adorable:


26. Actually, so does Beyonce:


27. And I’m pretty sure President Obama is obsessed with him too. Guess that makes everyone, lmao:


28. Did you really think I was gonna end this countdown without making reference to the Best Of Me remix? And how everybody wanted Mya‘s jersey dress sooo badly? Sadly, everybody did start wearing them. And then they got ratchet. But shouts-out to a better time:


29. And remember when Frank Ocean blew up this summer? Yeah. Jay-Z called that a while ago:


30. Like, seriously. He called it. Kanye too:


Bonus videos on the next page. I’m still celebrating…

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  1. kt

    Loooove this post!! He is my #1! Also I could NOT be more jealous of your hug moment! Happy Birthday Jay!!!!

    (apologize for my excessive exclamation marks lol)

    • kt, So glad you liked the post. The day I met Jay (I call him Jay, usually… lmao), it was such a random day and such a random moment in my life– it can happen to you too!

  2. You hugged Jay?! Now I’m jealous.

    And I know it’s been said but…I’m glad to see the hip hop love on PITNB. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who randomly thought about the date today, remembered December 4th (such a good song – did you know they tricked his Mom into recording her part?) and realized it was Mr. Carter’s birthday.

    • Erica Croce– Oh man! Thanks for the fun fact about December 4th– I never knew that! Hot 97 was playing allll his old stuff today when I went to drop off my son at school and I was like I HAVE to do a post… and I HAVE to find a way to work in my Jay-Z story so Erica can be jealous, LMAO :)

  3. Oh Shannon, your posts me me smile every time i read them! Especially your love of Jay-Z, because i’m right there with you!! I could have joined you with a few more on this, but yea you can save some for a next year :-)

    • Maanami Matthews, it kiiiilllls me to have such an incomplete list of his awesomeness, but I lit’rally would have been working on this all night. Make sure you watch that documentary (#2)– you will love it!

      So glad you’re enjoying the post!

  4. Take those sunglasses off, girl!!! I love it.

  5. He is a really strange looking person.

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