First Look: The First Footage Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 3 Hits The Internets


Last month we got to “see” a first teaser video for the forthcoming third season of Game of Thrones on HBO (set to premiere in March of 2013) but, as you may recall, it wan’t a video that really showed us anything. Today we get to see a new video that actually gives us a sneak peek of what’s to come in season 3. HBO has released a GoT In Production, Season 3 video that takes us on set and gives us interviews with producers and actors alike. It’s a very nice treat for Thrones fans. It sounds like the plan is make Game of Thrones season 3 as epic as possible … and I can’t WAIT!

  • Megan

    This has just made me a million times more excited, is it March 31st yet?!

  • kendra

    Ooooofaaahhh!! Can’t wait!! The locations really are spectacular..

  • nicole

    can.not.wait. this season should be freakin amazing.

  • t*

    so excited!!!

  • Sam

    Wow! I can’t wait, book 3 was all kinds of amazing!

    • @Sam — GAHHHH, I have to finish book 3!!!!

    • Megan

      It’s the best one by FAR! Shit just keeps hitting the fan, tehre are countless scenes that I’m dying to see how they translate on to the screen!

    • Hannah

      DEFINATELY the best book of the lot! I was so shocked/angry at what happened at one part I had to hide the book from myself!!

    • Sam

      Don’t get TOO excited….season 3 only accounts for half the book!

    • Sam

      @Trent- Imagine they end season 3 at the part where you stopped reading…lololol that was be so amazing!