‘Better . . . Stronger . . . Faster’


Yesterday was a pretty quiet day for me. I had a meeting yesterday afternoon that got me out of the house and late last night, I went over to Steph and Alek’s for a quick drink but most of the day was spent indoors. I mentioned last week that I recently downloaded a STASH of digital comic books to my new iPad and I spent much of yesterday evening reading some comics. I was a HUGE fan of the TV series The Six Million Dollar Man when I was a young kid. Steve Austin, the show’s hero, has been reborn in the comic book series The Bionic Man … and I spent part of my day yesterday getting reacquainted with this new version of the Bionic Man.

I’ve read the first 10 books in this new series and I really enjoyed every page of it. All of the best known details about Steven Austin have been kept intact — including the bionic sound that we all remember from the TV series. But many aspects of the character have been updated and comicbookified. This Bionic Man has 2 bionic arms, two bionic eyes and skin that can change his appearance completely. Steve is still in love with Jaime Sommers, who will eventually become the Bionic Woman — it’s great! I’ve wanted to rewatch The Six Million Dollar Man series for sometime now but I’ve never found the time. This new comic book series is a great way to scratch that itch in a fun new way.

It’s amazing how the joy of comic books can cheer you up sometimes.

Tonight, I’m meeting up with Darion and Courtney and we are going to see No Doubt in concert. No Doubt has played a string of shows in the past few days and I believe tonight is the final show of the run. I haven’t seen ND in many, many years so I’m excited. Happy Tuesday!!

  • Lulu

    Enjoy the concert Trent!! :)