Taylor Swift & One Direction’s Harry Styles Go On A Date


Welp, it looks like the rumors are true … Taylor Swift IS dating One Direction member Harry Styles … or, at the very least, the pair have become very close friends. Taylor and Harry were spotted together on a very cute daytime date in NYC this weekend and, naturally, they caught the attention of everyone close enough to take a photo. Taylor and Harry did some walking in Central Park and then they went zooing at the Central Park Zoo. At some point, Taylor got her hands on a baby and Harry looked like he made a mistake but … all in all, I think it turned out to be a pretty successful date.

It was lions and tigers and bears for One Direction’s Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, who hung out together Sunday afternoon, visiting New York City’s Central Park Zoo for a stroll and a meet-up with friends. Although observers say the two weren’t overly affectionate, Swift, 22, was dolled up in winter casual for the outing and reportedly was acting flirty. Following Swift’s split with Conor Kennedy, 18, after a summer romance, she has been seen spending some time with Styles, also 18. He was with her when she made a November appearance on The X Factor, where they reportedly held hands and he carried her off stage over his shoulder.

Oh man … this is rich! I suspect that these two will date for a while, maybe beyond Xmas and then they’ll break up quietly and then will come the break-up song(s). Now, I can’t know for sure what is going on but I’m guessing that Taylor is more into Harry than he is into her. His profile will go up a bit and she will get new fodder for her next album — it’s win / win! Let’s see where this goes but I’m guessing it won’t go very far for very long.

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin; Source]

  • ClaireMichelle

    I’m distracted by her winter wardrobe! I love that purple coat, especially with the gold scarf. She has so much style. So jealous.

    As for the two of them, they’re cute. But he is also really young like Connor. She needs to date someone older again I feel like. Maybe that’s just me wanting her to date eye candy for ME to look at. ;) Haha. He is British though, so that’s a plus. I’m sure it’s just a fun little relationship. Do your thing, Taylor! Cue the slut and maneater comments in 3…2…1.

    • Joan

      She’s the sweetest maneater in the history of maneaters, though. ;) lol

  • ceebee

    Harry is adorable – and Taylor’s love/heartbreak track should be on her next album.

  • Ella

    Um..this chick moves faaast. Is she really into these guys or is she just shoveling more fuel into her career as fast as she can?

  • krib

    Tyler is adorable but I hate her grandma sweater.

  • krib


  • Hannah

    I don’t know he is 18 and a pop star. She is going to scare him off with all that baby holding.

  • Megan

    Am I the only one that thinks this reeks of a PR stunt?

  • Kiki

    I don’t understand why people hate so much on TSwizzle and her love life. She’s 22. What were/are you doing at 22? If Hollywood hotties filled my playground I’d be playing just as much as she is! Go get ’em, girl! Have fun!

    • ClaireMichelle

      THIS. All of this. She’s young and has hot guys all over the place. Why should she be in such a serious relationship all the time?

    • Serenity

      I was filling a paper journal with my heartaches and not having any of it documented, since I can’t write music. :)

      I agree with you, Kiki. I dated a lot before I ended up getting married. There were more short romances than long term relationships, which I always thought was normal. Isn’t part of dating when you’re 21/22 figuring out what you want and how to compromise?

    • Joan

      lol I honestly think it’s mainly because of her music: they way it can be extrapolated about every person she has ever dated (some of them by name) and the way that doing so makes her comes across.

  • Megan

    If they are still getting to know each other, how AWKWARD to have people taking your picture and taking video of you the entire time. Wow

  • Andy

    Can’t wait for all these men to start writing songs on this girl.

  • Ruby

    That Harry kid looks like he’s about 15. How is he so popular with the girls??