Hugh Hefner & Crystal Harris Are Engaged To Be Married . . . Again


Ruh-ro … here we go again. Remember back in June of 2011 when Playboy playmate Crystal Harris left Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner at the altar when she broke off their engagement just days before their wedding was to take place? You may recall that things got kinda nasty in the following days … Harris went on the record to say that she ended things with Hef because he was terrible at sex. The couple remained estranged until February of this year when they met up at a Playboy Mansion party and, apparently, had a change of heart. In June we learned that the couple were a couple again and just this October, they celebrated Hallowe’en together as happy as can be. Today we learn that Hef has asked Crys to marry him … again. She has said yes … again. Let’s see if the pair can make it to the altar, say their I Dos and seal the deal this time.

Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner is engaged (again) to Crystal Harris (again) and the two will walk down the aisle at the Playboy Mansion on New Year’s Eve (oooh, that’s new!) … TMZ has learned. As TMZ first reported, Harris bailed on wedding #1 in June 2011 … just five days before the big day. But according to our sources, Harris and Hef are better than ever these days, since Harris moved back into the Playboy Mansion earlier this year. We’re told the couple have worked out all their previous problems and decided recently they want to try and get married again. According to our sources, Harris feels the time she spent apart from Hef really taught her how to be independent and stand on her own two feet … something she felt she needed. Our sources say the wedding will be an intimate gathering with just close friends and family.

LOL! Oh Hef. Look, I’m not trying to downplay the couple’s happiness … and if they are ready to get married, then all the best to them. It’s clear that Hugh really loves Crystal because, hello, why would he ever trust her with his heart again? It is less clear that Crystal truly loves and wants to be married to Hef but, well, let’s just give her the benefit of the doubt and send the couple ALL OUR LOVE AND CONGRATS! New Year’s Eve isn’t that far away so we *should* be toasting the new Mr. & Mrs. Hefner real soon … that is, unless Crystal decides to become a runaway bride … again.


  • ClaireMichelle

    My god. Really?? This will be a fun countdown to the wedding. Will it happen?!

  • Ava

    Did he have to get her a new engagement ring twice the size?

  • firegalz

    poor hef, clearly blind to her flaws… i felt hef is better suited with holly :(