First Look: Beyoncé’s Reveals Baby Bumps, Concert Footage, And More In The Teaser For Her HBO Documentary


You may have heard that Beyoncé is writing, directing, producing and starring in a documentary about herself. This makes perfect sense; people tend to make documentaries about subjects that interest them greatly, things they love, stories they care about. Beyoncé clearly is interested in herself, loves herself, and cares about herself– which is awesome… if you’re into people who are into themselves. LOL. Okay, but enough ranking on the Queen! HBO just released a little teaser for the documentary special which premieres on February 16, 2013. Peep the video above and read more about the documentary here! Are you into it?


  • Diva

    It looks like all her other “behind the scenes” look at her life. I’ll pass.

  • nicole

    this looks like a MTV special. i’d bet a lot of money this only found a home on HBO because of the baby stuff.

  • Matthew

    I was about to say something sarcastic about stars making documentaries about themselves, but then I realized that everyone from Nicki Minaj to Madonna have already done this.

    I want Kanye to make a documentary about himself. That ish will be EPIC. They will have to stop making documentaries after that. lol.

    • emily

      OMG Matthew, a Ye doc! WHY hasn’t he done this yet? It seems like a no brainer for him. Shannon, we know you’ve got the inside track with Ye, make it happen! :o)

  • Sandy!

    Doesn’t she do these every few years?
    Pair that with her tumblr page, and I think we’re all cool with a little less Bey in our lives.

    Though, I could be biased/possibly bitter because the boyfriend is obsessed with her

  • Linnea

    I’m tired of watching B think that her life is SO exciting and important to everyone. First, she’s REALLY private about everything, and suddenly she reveals everything, and then thinks it’s the next BIG thing.. What about giving a little bit from day to day, instead of making a big documentary about ur self.. How selfsentred is it possible to be? I feel a little bit sorry for her husband and friends, cause it feels like they have to give her attention every freaking minute..

  • Ben@pr

    A documentary about ALL things Beyonce but yet she doesn’t talk about her personal life. But because it will air on HBO she find it legit. HBO will be airing this December 6 at 9 pm In Vogue. A documentary celebrating Vogue’s 120 anniversary and it’s brilliants editors. A must watch!