A New Photo Of Frank Ocean & Willy Cartier Comes To Light


A few weeks ago we got to see a few photos of Willy Cartier, the man who is reportedly involved romantically with singer Frank Ocean. Today we get to see a new photo of the guys together and it looks like they will be featured in a (music?) video of some kind? It’s unclear where the photo was taken and the caption doesn’t really give us much insight but … they do look very close in the photo, and it’s very very cute.


It’s possible that this photo was capped from a Frank Ocean video that was never released or is about to be released but … don’t these two look great together? I like the intimate nature of the pic. Frank and Willy make a great couple, I hope we get to see more of them together :D


  • Ben@pr

    Respect to Frank Ocean. These two are definitively together and good for them!!!

  • David

    As well, you prolly don’t follow Frank Ocean on twitter but he first posted this picture under the caption ‘marry em, make em american’. Then he deleted the tweet and wrote instead the words.

    What I love about this guy NO ONE, NO ONE will tell him how to live his life.

    I even on saw on twitter some homophobic black online finally recede and say “Damn, I thought it was a publicity stunt. He’s really gay. Power to him for being honest” This came after many, many tweets insulting Frank on a weekly basis. Progress indeed.