Lindsay Lohan Is Reportedly Hiring A Private Investigator To Help Her Fight The Assault Charges


As many of you pointed out the other day, only Lindsay Lohan would find herself in the middle of a NYC club, fighting with a psychic who’d just offered her a free reading. It’s Lindsay, y’all! And, following her recent arrest for this club fight, there have been various rumors about what went down, whether or not Lindsay was drinking, etc., etc.  Lindsay has, in true LiLo fashion, proclaimed her innocence, and is now supposedly hiring a private investigator to dig up dirt on Tiffany Mitchell, the nightclub psychic. I’m not sure if a private investigator is the way to go, but I’ve never been accused of punching a psychic in a nightclub so what do I know?! Click inside for more.

TMZ has the report:

Lindsay Lohan is not just going to sit around and wait for Tiffany Mitchell to sue her … so she’s hired a private investigator to dig in to the life of the woman who accused LiLo of assault … TMZ has learned.

As TMZ previously reported, Mitchell has hired the omnipotent Gloria Allred to represent her following an alleged altercation with Lindsay in a New York nightclub.

But sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ the “Liz & Dick” star feels Mitchell just made up the story about Lindsay punching her to score a quick payday.

We’re told Lindsay feels Mitchell is just another in a long line of people who see Lindsay as an opportunity to make a buck off her … and the fact that Mitchell hired Allred of all people just proves that.

According to our sources, Lindsay has hired a P.I. to look into Mitchell and see if she has any criminal past or if she’s done anything like this before. We’re told Lindsay wants to dig up as much info on Mitchell as she can so she’s ready should Mitchell pursue the case in civil court.

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay is telling friends she did not hit Mitchell and only confronted her because she thought Mitchell and her friends swiped her purse.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the version of the story where someone stole Lindsay’s purse, or tried to, or something.

Now I’m not an expert in law or anything but is this really the route Lindsay’s supposed to be going? I guess it might make sense– she’s gotta dig up dirt on the witness. But Tiffany’s already got access to hella dirt on Lindsay, without even trying! I don’t think there’s anything Lindsay could find on Tiff that would even compare to the amount of dirt the courts will have on her, lol. But still, I guess this idea is better than, like, admitting your guilt  and accepting the appropriate punishment for your actions… or whatever.

P.I.’s, psychics who steal, and a racial slur-slinging Lindsay– you really can’t make this stuff up! Here’s hoping all this drama inspires more parodies from Danielle Fishel. Otherwise, I just don’t see any good coming from this.

[Source] [Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News]

  • Jennifer Wilson

    the direction this girl should be going is to a spirtiual retreat in some far, far far away place. a place that has no cameras, drugs or psychics.

  • Hampton

    First let me explain to you that I live in Palm Beach. In the Palm Beach Daily News on Thurs. tthey had an article about this false seer. She is a member of a local clan of gypsies and her boyfriend is an armenian gypsy who has a numer of palm reader type business’ on Lake Worth Road and West Palm Beach. For once, I am going to side with Lindsay. This so called psychic is just out for money and some free publicity.

  • cmc

    Here’s what cracks me up about this story…regardless of the psychic’s background, how shady she may be, or if she’s tried to shake someone for money before… um, LL still punched her in the face. Nothing the psychic did in the past makes that NOT illegal. Ya know?

  • ceebee

    LMAO This chick needs all the help she can get, I suppose. Oh Linds, you are a train wreck of epic proportions. The proof of any incident is on that lady’s face you punched. Story over.

  • swile71

    I’m reading that the IRS is after Lindsay and freezing her assets yet she can hire a P.I.? Hmmmmm. Maybe the P.I. should do a search for Lindsay’s career.

    • @swile71 — the PI thing is so ridiculous. homegirl is in serious trouble and she just doesn’t get it.

  • LA Sober Lifestyles

    She got a way with a lot of crap here in LA and should been sent to County jail for a year. If she punched the lady no matter her past she should be charged just the the rest of us. People need to stop enabling her drama.