Happy 31st Birthday Britney Spears!

31 Reasons Why We Must All Bow Down

Let’s be real. Pink Is The New Blog would not be Pink Is The New Blog without the one they call Britney Spears. And I know Trent would have written up a birthday post like no other for his Queen, but he’s on the road so y’all will have to settle for a Birthney celebration from lil’ old me. Click inside, bow down, all that! It’s Britney’s B-Day, Bitch!

Britney‘s turning 31 today and she deserves hella lurve from us. I may be more hip-hop than pop, but I know how to give props where props are due… I’m also pretty sure I wouldn’t even have my dream job here at Pink without the woman who has brought Trent so much joy over the years. BritneyBitishneyBrit-Brit– call her what you want! This woman is a game-changer, to say the least.  So we’re celebrating her big day with a countdown of epic proportions.

31 Reasons It’s Britney’s World, And We’re All Just Lucky To Be Livin’ It:

1. She’s Britney, Bitch:


2. Trent and other typically well-spoken people are rendered near-incomprehensible in her presence:

OMG! The music video for Scream & Shout by our dear Britney Spears and will.i.am has been released and WE HUMAN BEINGS ARE NOT WORTHY! I LITERALLY WANT TO SCREAM AND SHOUT AND LET IT ALL OUT … but I won’t do that. I’ll just leave this music video right here for YOUR (repeated) viewing pleasure. PLEASE ENJOY!!!




3. Her legs can do this:

4. They also do this:

5. There was this little ditty:


6. She makes for a great arm tatto:

7. Or an upper-back tattoo, depending on your preference:

8. Her oldies are still goodies:

9. She had the audacity to look like this, while prego:

10. I mean… lest we forget:


The countdown continues on the next page!!!

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  1. Ha! This was fun! I’m bowing, bitch! I’m BOWING!

  2. Amanda

    I LOVE THIS! Such a fun, entertaining read. Thanks, Shannon!

    Happy Birthday to the Absolute Queen BRITNEY SPEARS! I still can’t believe she’s 31, though. I was barely into my teens when she was first introduced to us. LOVE HER ALWAYS.

  3. JCZ

    Happy birthday Queeney!

    I was all… ahhh hold up, Shannon you can’t be posting bout Brit, on her special day, without Trent doing it first. But this is cool!

    Shannon – what have you listened to of Britney’s? Cause with your underlying love for Hip-Hop, In the Zone is a crowd pleaser and yes, it has Euro-pop, but the first wave that eventually became Blackout – even if radio has killed the genre now. But you may like Outrageous, I Got That (Boom, Boom) and the guaranteed to make you look like a fool all alone in your house dancing, The Hook Up. Love to know your thoughts. I miss this Brit, we hear it all the time, but it’s not just the work ethic/dancing/slaying dragons, it’s the fact her label/team rebuilt her as if it was the 90s again with Circus & FF – Brit was onto something with ITZ/Blackout and they took that dirrrrtiness away that made her so darn irresistible… even if FF is a workout with no fillers, it doesn’t ooze the ethic of ITZ.

    • JCZ, thanks for this. Please don’t make me admit on THIS of all blogs that I have yet to listen to an entire record of the one they call Britney. Of course I know all the big singles like everyone else but you gotta understand– I spent the entire late 90s/early 2000s listening to NOTHING but rap. DMX, Jay-Z, The Lox… lmao. It was a dark, but glorious time.

      However, I LOVE that you’ve given me a place to start with all these suggestions. I’ll have to do a post called ‘The Day That I Sat Down And Really, Really Listened To Britney Spears.’

      Seriously, thank you for this! And I absolutely wouldn’t have done this if Trent wasn’t traveling today, lmao! Respect!

    • Leah

      Totally seconded – In The Zone is the best.

    • Jamie O.

      In the Zone is my all time favorite Britney album- I look forward to your post about it! I agree with JCZ that there’s an element of dirty and sexy that hasn’t been tapped like it was for that album. It was great. (Onyx Hotel Tour performing that album though, IMHO, not so much. My all time fave was the Dream within a Dream tour. But I digress…)

  4. In The Zone has always been my favorite record of hers. I can listen to every song and not skip. I like her other stuff too, of course, but this is my favorite. It’s kinda like when Madonna did Bedtime Stories. Then again I do like hip-hop more.

  5. I love this post Shannon. You did a great job paying tribute to our girl. Trent will be proud!

    I STILL love …Baby One More Time and listen to it like it’s a brand new song sometimes. It’s a pop masterpiece in my opinion.

    For ages i knew the man in I Wanna Go looked familiar. The Scandal fan in me is screaming right now!

  6. Serena

    Well written Shannon!! You never disappoint!! And yes, Trent would be so proud!! Now imma gonna go crank up some Brit Brit, Bitch!!! xoxo

  7. I LOVE IT AND HER! Happy birthday, Britney!

  8. Tonney

    OMG Thank you so much for this post, I was smiling all the way through

  9. Pin

    Oh my goodness, this is AWESOME! I abs love the one of Brit and Michael Jackson, SO good and never saw it before! I love the new track Scream and Shout, but ALL the other vids posted are DEF my fave ones!! Ugh I SO love Britney Spears!! Anyone else want her to get married and add a little girl to her brood of adorable boys?? Like Victoria & David Beckham did after 3 boys!! Loved this post!!! Great job Shannon!

  10. Pin

    Im totally writing a final paper and often come to PITNB for a quick study break, today def did not disappoint!! Im going to play Britney vids in this post in the background :D Forgot to add, Happy Birthday Britney!!!

  11. Beth

    Well done!!! I love your contributions. You guys are a good team.

  12. LOVE Britney! I think she is also the Marilyn of our day. Her photo shoots are breath taking and never get old.

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