Taylor Swift Is Super Cute In A Flannel Shirt And Bowling Shoes


Y’all have to excuse me– I seem to be having a Taylor Swift moment. I know she’s not for everyone, I know some people lurve to hate her, but ever since she dropped that dubstep-ish song back in October I’ve been into her! It’s weird. And I love her dresses! Although, apparently, I love her flannel shirts too, lol. Peep the gallery for more! She was spotted at LAX airport last night. What do y’all think of Taylor’s casual Friday look?

Photo Credit: Insight News and Features/Splash News

  • ClaireMichelle

    Well, I’m sure you knew a comment from me was coming!! I agree, I love this look. Taylor’s style is just working for me lately! I want her wardrobe – formal and casual clothes.

    • Shannon

      ClaireMichelle, hey girl… lol! Yes, I’ve been expecting you :)
      I think I’m just at that I-Need-New-Clothes point (it happens every winter) and Taylor’s just teasing me. Her stuff is too cute.

  • Christy

    Am I the only one that just thinks she’s the crazy ex-gf? She used to be cute, but now all I see is stalker, obsessive ex.

    Dear Taylor,
    It’s not them, it’s you.