Hope, Springs


Ollie and I successfully braved the rain and HORRID traffic to make our way to Palm Springs for the weekend. We kinda sorta make a pitstop at an Outback Steakhouse on the freeway to sate our hunger (which delayed our arrival a bit) but, for the most part, the trip was easy breezy. As soon as we got here, the party got started for Jordan’s birthday weekend. Let the fun begin!

Ollie, as you may have noticed, loves to take photos with me so we are prolly going to have many photoshoots as the weekend continues. But I digress. Upon arrival, we made our way to Jordan’s massive suite and celebrated with tacos and margaritas. He managed to invite the coolest people on Earth for this birthday weekend so we just had a really nice time getting to reconnect with friends and family and meet some new peeps, too. OH and there’s a photobooth here on the property:

So, be prepared for a couple more photobooth photos … at least. My plan is have FUN FUN FUN and be distracted as Hell this weekend so … let the fun commence! Happy Saturday!!

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  • emily

    Oh lawd, Trent’s fueled up on Outback again. No weekend properly starts without some Bloomin Onion.

  • Yasmin

    You really seem to have great friends! And deservedly so :) I keep meaning to ask you something and I keep forgetting and every time I do remember I’m on my iPhone and I can’t comment from there… Anyway, here’s the question: I’ve been wanting to read On the Road. I’ve never read it before and I’m unsure as to which version to buy. What would you suggest?