Gabriel Aubry Spends Time With Nahla, Drops Restraining Order Against Olivier Martinez


Yesterday we heard some awesome news in the Halle Berry/Olivier Martinez/Gabriel Aubry story. After a Thanksgiving Day brawl that will surely go down in celebrity gossip history, Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez seemed to be making moves to keep Gabriel away from his daughter Nahla. When a badly-beaten Gabriel responded with a restraining order of his own, things seemed to be getting worse. But, seemingly out of nowhere, the familial issues were resolved in court when Halle, Olivier, and Gabe came to an agreement in court yesterday. Today we’re learning that, as expected, Gabriel has dropped the restraining order against Olivier and he even got in some Daddy time with Nahla. Click inside to learn more and to see som pics of Gabe and Nahla, reunited!

TMZ has the report:

It’s pretty remarkable, but a week after nuclear war at Halle Berry’s house which left Gabriel Aubry’s face a bloody mess, they have figured out a path to peace … and the clearest evidence is that Gabriel’s lawyer just went to court and dropped his restraining order against Olivier Martinez.

It happened just a few minutes ago. Shawn Holley, Gabriel’s lawyer, told the judge her client no longer needed to keep Olivier away from him.

As TMZ first reported … the parties struck an agreement Thursday to end their mega-dispute, which revolves around 4-year-old Nahla.

The remaining issue … Olivier made a citizen’s arrest after the fight and the case is going to the L.A. City Attorney for review. We’re told it’s “highly unlikely” Gabriel will be prosecuted.

And here are the pics a lot of us have been waiting for! X17 Online reports that Gabe met up with a nanny at Nahla’s school (which means a third party is involved– good thing) to get his daughter:






Man, I have so many Daddy issues… this just made me hella happy… LMAO. We’ll never know the ins and outs of the Halle/Olivier/Gabe drama and really, who cares? Nahla is so friggen cute and I think I’ve always had a special place in my thoughts for her because Halle and I were pregnancy buddies for a while (Nahla and my firstborn are both four, just a few months apart). I just want that little girl to be happy! Dad are usually good for that, especially when you’re young. So here’s hoping they minimize the drama and that they keep making Nahla the priority.

[Source] [Photo Credit: X17 Online]

  • ClaireMichelle

    I’m such a daddy’s girl so this makes me so happy! :) She just looks so happy to be with her dad. I’m glad it looks like everything is working out for Nahla.

  • nicole

    you know, i have never seen Nahla sad/grumpy with her dad. she always looks so happy…which is why i always wonder why Halle would want to ruin that.. but whatev’s. im glad he got to see his little girl & that she looks happy.