Carrie Underwood Will Star In NBC’s ‘The Sound Of Music’


The Sound Of Music with Julie Andrews. One of the many movies of my childhood. Like, for real. And it’s getting some sort of live remake on NBC… which is fine! I’m fine with that! Not sure if I’ll be tuning in… but I’m fine with it. And although I haven’t listened to much Carrie Underwood lately, I understand that she’s crazy talented and well-respected so this can’t be too bad of an idea… right? Click inside to learn more!

The Hollywood Reporter has the deets. They also shared this video of Carrie singing Sound Of Music in a CBS special:

Carrie Underwood will play Maria von Trapp in NBC’sremake of the classic musicalThe Sound of Music that NBC will broadcast live next year.

To shepherd the live three-hour event, which will air during next year’s holiday season, NBC is reteaming with Smashproducers Craig Zadan andNeil Meron (Chicago, Hairspray), who also have been tapped to produce the 85th Annual Academy Awards in February…

Based on the original Broadway musical that was inspired by the true story of von Trapp, The Sound of Music follows the aspiring nun who leaves the abbey to become a governess for the widower Captain von Trapp’s seven children and finds herself falling in love with her boss and questioning her religious calling.

The Sound of Music premiered on Broadway in 1959 and won a Tony for best musical. Richard Rogers penned the music with Oscar Hammerstein II supplying the lyrics. Its original cast recording album spent four months atop the Billboard 200 and remained on the chart for more than five years.

Damn. Listening to Carrie Underwood sing Sound Of Music really made me want to go check out the original for the 892nd time in my life. I mean Carrie sounded fine… and we clearly cannot expect her to compete with Julie Andrews. Because it’s unfair to expect the impossible from anyone, lol.

Still, I feel like there is someone out there who might have been a better pick, no? Anyhoo, it’s happening irregardless of what I think. Do y’all think Carrie will make a good Maria? Pretty much nobody at Hollywood Reporter did, lol:

Please…no,no, no. This is one of the most revered musicals ever to appear on the Broadway stage and Julie Andrews is iconic (not Carrie Underwood…she hasn’t been around long enough). Ms Underwood is an fine entertainer, but this is just WRONG. If it ain’t broke. don’t fix it. (Remember “South Pacific” with Glenn Close? She’s one of our greatest actresses, but the production was a mess.) Again, please no, no, no…

Carrie Underwood … “iconic”? That’s just silly. Silly, silly, silly. Talented, yes – but iconic, no. Oy vey … what’s next: ABC remaking “Gone With the Wind” with Lindsay Lohan in the role of Scarlett? Leave well enough alone. Just because networks can’t find good, solid material for a film shouldn’t give them license to attempt a remake of something that is already, to quote Mary Poppins, “practically perfect in every way.” The end.

“She was an iconic woman who will now be played by an iconic artist.” Really??? This is the stupidest thing ever said in the history of things said.

Oh wait:

This is the best news! She has an amazing voice and I think she is going to surprise the world. She has a year to prepare and work on her acting. Carrie excels in everything she is involved in and I know she wouldn’t accept the role if she did not think she could do it justice (and the producers wouldn’t cast her in the first place)
I think people are unaware of her versatility

Like I said, I’m no Carrie Underwood expert. But I have seen The Sound Of Music 800+ times. Will you guys be tuning in to this broadcast next year?


  • Kat

    I’d watch Lohan in a GWtW remake. She’s probably got more in common with Vivian Leigh than with Liz Taylor, really. Leigh was also a train wreck (at times), though of course, about 50 bajillion times more talented than Lohan.

  • Sarah

    Not interested. Her voice sounded like it was straining when she was singing it. I know that no one can live up to the fabulous Julie Andrews, but Carrie’s vocal range isn’t right for this part.

  • Donna

    Julie Andrews was not the original Maria.That would be Mary Martin.
    And Carrie’s vocal range is just find.I think she’ll honor Mary Martin quite nicely.

  • Sandy!

    No. No. and NO.
    Just no! The Sound of Music was like crack to me as a child lol.
    Carrie needs to go back to carving her name in souped up 4 wheel drives. She is no Maria. I just can’t.

    I’m about to start twitching.

  • Juliet

    Carrie will be amazing. She will introduce this remake of the Broadway Sound of Music to the new generation. Young kids these days dont know much about Julie Andrews, This remake is for the new generation and not for the oldies. The oldies then can hang on to the original one but the new generation needs to hear it and what better way than thru Carrie Underwood. Go Carrie.

  • MeshaJ

    Noooo absolutely not! The original is just too perfect! Carrie is talented at what she does, but NOT for this. I could not even get through 2 min of Carrie’s performance without cringing.