Brazilian Bombshell Michella Cruz Mesmerizes In ‘GQ’ Russia


Look, y’all. I don’t know who this woman is (it’s Michella Cruz), and I don’t know where she came from (Brazil), but she kinda just changed my life. Michella just got a spread in GQ Russia and the black and white photos (taken by René Habermacher) are absolutely stunning. I can’t stand when people say that someone oozes sexuality (oozes is a terrible word)… but this woman oozes sexuality! Look at her face! I’m going into the bathroom right now and I’m not coming out until I’ve perfected that facial expression. See y’all tomorrow. Oh, and peep the gallery for more! Recently we’ve seen Rihanna and Emily VanCamp get sexy on ‘em for GQ, but Michella is seriously on a whole ‘nother level…


  • Matthew

    Wowza! What a find Shannon. This woman is stunning. The photography is stunning. The makeup. The lighting. The black and white. Everything. Just everything is working here.

    • Shannon

      Matthew, glad you’re with me on this! And I agree– EVERYTHING is working here.