The Top Five ‘YesPlease, MoreThankYou’ Moments From ‘Defiance,’ Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Scandal’


It’s been two loooong weeks without my two favorite shows but– finally– the world makes sense again! Sunday Revenge came back with one of the coolest episodes ever and last night Scandal returned and so did President Fitz!!! In a BIG way. Sigh. Swoon. Sigh again. Weep… lol. I’ve yet to be disappointed by a Scandal episode and last night was no different. The ABSOLUTE craziest ending… EVER. In the history of everdom! Click inside now so we can recap this business!

Last week’s episode was so amazing… and so weird for me, because I actually started kind of accepting the fact that Liv and the Senator were gonna be a thing. We hadn’t seen President Fitz in sooo long (like two episodes!) and I was like, okay. Maybe it’s time for me (and Olivia) to move on, one old boyfriend at a time… (what… lol). But after last night’s episode… ummmm… I dunno. Okay. It was madness! First of all, I loved every single story thread in this episode… like… loved. I loved that– between this week’s episode of Revenge and last night’s Scandal– I’ve heard the phrase “IPO so much that I totally think I’m an expert in um finances and rich people business stuff. Revenge flash-backed to the year when Nolan took his company public, and Olivia Pope’s clients in this episode were dealing with hella drama because their family company was about to go public, but the big man in charge looked like he’d lost it. Even though it all seemed to be about money and protecting the corporation (just like in Revenge) everything ultimately boiled down to family ish. This episode also showed us more Liv and the Senator, working together to get him in as the House Majority Leader, and we also got our Fitz back! Only to have him… well… we’ll get to that madness in a minute.

But for me, some of the best moments from this episode came from Cyrus’s hubbie James, who I totally started falling in lurve with two episodes ago. He has now teamed up (in a way) with David (who’s still trying like cray to get Abby back, after the horrific stuff Harrison and Olivia did to break them up). His little secret investigation into Defiance, Ohio was INSANE! And I’m sooo glad we’re getting all these other good-guy-type characters who are also separate from the Gladiators. Makes for very good TV.

Quinn also had a great storyline that kinda came outta nowhere. I think we all thought she was done looking for answers about what happened to her (and that bombing), but apparently not. And the deeper she digs, the more we get to find out… which is awesome… but also hella scary, lol. And Harrison (who either belongs to PITNBR nicole or my sister Steph, depending on who you ask) also took the lead a lot in this episode. So much other cray-cray happened, so let’s get to it!

The Top 5 ‘YesPlease, MoreThankYou’ Moments From ABC’s Scandal, Season 2, Episode 7: Defiance

1. President Fitz Needs Help

Okay, do you remember the moment from this episode when we first saw President Fitz (who just got back from Japan) and Cyrus was trying to brief him and he lit’rally could not stop staring at the TV screen that just barely had Olivia’s face on it ’cause she’d just helped that other Senator make his apologetic statement about his affair? All I kept saying was Fitz! You can’t even see her entire face! This was all you could see on the TV:

And this was Fitz’s face the whole time:

Madness. In Cleveland, we might say that Olivia must have that K.P. Not gonna tell you what that stands for. But it starts with Killer and… yeah. And then when his peoples showed up with the last batch of photos from when he had them following Olivia, he looked like a madman going through his ex-girlfriend’s new Facebook photos, right after she changed her status to In A Relationship And Happy As F—:

LMAO! Did y’all see how fast (and how ferociously) he was flipping through those pics?! Bottom line: Fitz needs help. And I don’t care that he technically voted for her boyfriend to get that seat he wanted in the House or whatever. He is soooo far from over Olivia, it’s scary. And my guess is that he just wants to keep his enemies (AKA the love of his life’s new boo) close. Madness.

Quote It: I wasn’t talking about the Senator but let’s all be WASPS about this and pretend  that I was (Cyrus to POTUS).

2. Quack

This was such a cool Gladiator mission! The crazy, gabillionaire guy (Pierce) who’s about to throw it all away… and his barely-legal blonde chick (Jenna) who wants an amusement park in the backyard. LMAO! Love it! And I loved seeing Harrison running this show, even though he hella screwed up by letting that “doctor” in the house, who ended up marrying the couple. But it all worked out in the finish, when Harrison got the father and son to sit down, talk, and have a breakthrough. That was awesome. But it wasn’t as awesome as the moment when Papa Pierce pulled his rifle out on the therapist, AKA the Quack… classic!

Quote It: I’m gonna tweet it right into the crapper! I’ve got a manifesto!(Pierce)
You only get 140 characters babe. (Jenna)
Then buy me more characters. (Pierce)

3. Ohhhhh, So That’s What A Defiance Is.

OMG. FIIIIINNNNNNAAAAALLLLLLYYYYY! The friggen Defiance roundtable makes perfect sense! It’s been ages since we first saw all of the people behind President Fitz gathering together to talk about Defiance. And FINALLY, in this episode, we found out that Defiance isn’t just a nickname I’m considering giving to my two year-old. Defiance is a little ol’ town in Ohio, and just like all little ol’ towns in Ohio, it was once the deciding factor in a huge Presidential election. We now know– thanks to the handy work of James (and OMFG, Cyrus is gonna EFFING kill him when he finds out what he’s been up to!!!!)– that Olivia, Mellie (FLOTUS), the Judge, Cyrus, and Hollis rigged the whole damn election. Or at least, they rigged the voting booths in Defiance, which is insane! And since we heard the President joking about it at his little birthday dinner party, we know that he has no clue that his people cheated him into the Oval office. I cannot wait to see where this story goes! Aghhh!!!

4. It’s Still Quinn Bitch!

Yo. I think we’ve all been seriously underestimating Quinn. She spent this entire episode very, very, sneakily getting info from Huck about what happened to her. She knew he’d never tell her, so she kinda made it seem like she was asking about the Quack case, and then in the end she was like yeah. No. Y’all aren’t just gonna drug me up, throw me on a plane, and switch up my identity without saying ish! I’m proud of her for looking for answers (like a true Gladiator) but I’m also scared to see what she’s gonna find out. Now that Defiance is unraveling before our eyes, I don’t know who to trust!

5. #WhoShotFitz

O………M……………GEEEEEEE. Okay. So every time I saw a commercial for this episode, I was like… why are they tryna act like it’s a presidential assassination episode? There’s noooo way they’d ever have the balls to actually show us OUR BELOVED President Fitz getting… popped?!?!?!?! OMG. NO. Nooooo. The ish happened so fast I couldn’t even get a decent screen shot:

But I knew something was about to pop off when Mellie started running off at the mouth about how she suddenly didn’t want to go to the party, and she was tired of pretending (c’mon now… Mellie? Please), and she wanted to go home, and blah blah blah.

No, but seriously. Who the F— shot Fitz?!?!? And did Mellie KNOW?!?!?! Or is this the work of Hollis’s scary ass?! I’m in a glass case of emotion!!!

Sidenote: Kerry Washington can seriously go somewhere.


  • fab4runner

    My stepdad is from Defiance, OH…and no joke, whenever he says it he has to add the Ohio for some reason. Like, our whole family is from Ohio. We know where Defiance is and that you’re from there. Thanks.

    But anyway, lol. I haven’t even seen the past two episodes (I am slackinggg!) but read your recaps anyways. It actually just makes me even more excited to watch them. I will report back once I have.

    Oh, and yay CLE! Loving the Ohio-ness of this post haha.

    • Shannon

      fab4runner, OMG! Defiance in the building!!! This is so hilarious– I didn’t even realize how much I was reppin for my city. I’m actually going back next weekend for the first time in about 7 years so I must really miss it :)

      Now go watch the episodes!

    • fab4runner

      Yay! I live right down the road in Akron :) I hope you have a good trip!

    • Shannon

      Aghh! Akron in the building! I may or may not be embarrassed to say that I had a blast at a Ja Rule concert in Akron many many moons ago, lol! Thanks fab4runner :)

  • dot

    hollis freelance again. remember from last esp charlie is in town and looking for work so i think charlie did it

    • Shannon

      dot, ooooh you’re right. Hollis did keep threatening to ‘freelance’!!! He is so shady; I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a hand in this.

  • nicole

    ok first off..Harrison is totally mine (sorry to Shannons sister).-
    at first i thought the episode had “filler” feel to know, that nothing exciting was really gonna happen..but then Quinn started acting a bit sneaky & ended up being a boss B in the end.
    and Fitz – holy ish right there. i think its safe to say he’s not dead though, i just cant see them killing him off – mind you with the way he was acting i was pretty sure he was plotting Olivias boyfriends death.
    speaking of Olivia…can we get her in more dresses like that please? she looked GOOD

    • nicole

      and i totally forgot about this Defiance thing. it just all seems so real (because if i remember right..didnt the same thing kind happen with the most recent election? people kept trying to pick one person & it wouldnt let them?)

    • Shannon

      nicole, you’re absolutely right about the connection to this year’s election– I think Shonda wrote that in for a reason. I also think you’re right about Fitz; they CANNOT kill him off (right???) so I’m assuming it’s just gonna be one more mystery to solve, something that Olivia and the Gladiators will surely take on (which will probably lead to some complications in the Olivia/Senator thing).

    • Britt

      Speaking of that dress…… How can someone figure out who made it???????

    • Shannon

      Britt, I found it! It’s a Jean Fares Couture Shine Gown. Unfortunately, I found it on an Olivia Pope style Pinterest page… which means now I have to live there… and make one of my own, lol :)

  • JCZ

    Just caught up and what an episode to comment on. That ending literally ended with the worlds O.M.F.G.
    And the thought that the First Lady knew, she is a total famewhore! She upstages Dina Lohan!

    Quinn’s newfound attitude can park its ass right right there cause I’m loving this change of character. I hope to see more of her like we did at the start of the series.

    I don’t know who agrees, but we do wanna see the Pres and Olivia get together finally – but I’m liking the story where she is moving on and he is suffering having to watch. Cause I think, he made her suffer and leave, knowing she could never truly be with him. But now he is feeling the same hurt, so he truly appreciates her. At least that’s D&M thoughts on the matter!

    I wanna see James run to Olivia the moment people start to pick up on his story, thinking she will help him, without realising she was involved. Would she run to the Defiance group or handle it herself….!?

    • Shannon

      JCZ, Mellie definitely makes DiLo look like a walk in the park… but she’s also… like smart and pretty (and fictional), so I can get with her, lol!

      I agree– we kinda needed to see Liv move on in some way, if only to see Fitz going through those photos and losing his MIND. Plus, it makes the inevitable Liv/Fitz reunion (and yeah, I do hope it’s coming) all the more exciting.

      Very interesting point about James and Liv– everyone does run to Liv when there’s drama so I could totally see him going to her… and then, who knows?!

  • Thomas

    OMG. I was five episodes behind and watched three in a row tonight and just finished this one. I loved it. Loved Quinn being all sneaky and strong-willed (you’re right Shannon, totally a gladiator). Kerry Washington is beautiful – that dress, whoa. I’m nervous for James too as he gets closer to the truth. Things are flying. I also knew Fitz gets shot (damn Facebook haha) but I thought it was in the next episode, so when it happened right at the end of this one, I was shocked. I’m still shocked. And now i’m off to watch the next episode. #whoshotfitz