The Rain Has Come


The rain has been falling pretty steadily for the past couple of days which, normally, wouldn’t really bother me. But since I haven’t been feeling all that great lately both emotionally and physically, the rain has been a real drag. I did get out of the house yesterday to spend some time with my friends Steph and Alek. But much of my Thursday was spent indoors. This afternoon, I am escaping East into the desert to spend the weekend in Palm Springs. As far as I now, it’s warm and NOT raining in PS this weekend so, that should be a nice change of pace.

Steph and Alek took me to their secret lunch spot so I’m forbidden from sharing the location with all y’all. The place is very good, so I understand why they’d like to keep it a secret. We hung out at the Century City mall for a bit but, yeah, that was my grand excursion outside of the house yesterday.

This afternoon, Ollie is joining me on my weekend trip to Palm Springs. Altho I’m not a big fan of Palm Springs, I am desperate to get out of the city this weekend. I’m not really comfortable talking about it but, something unpleasant is going to happen here at home this weekend and, well, I just can’t be here to watch. I am very happy that I’ll get to celebrate my BFF Jordan’s 30th birthday this weekend … I’m sure we will have a blast.

I hope the sun is shining warmly on YOU wherever you are in the world today. It can’t rain all the time so … the sun has to be shining somewhere right now.

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  • Jstar

    Have a nice weekend Trent! And unfortunately it’s raining here in NorCal too…

  • Baybridget

    Big hugs to you, Trent!!! Coming back home might be tough so just remember that we are all “with” you. It’s snowing here in the Czech Republic so soak up that Cali sunshine in the desert for me!

  • emily

    Trent, I love how even when you’re at your lowest you still find positivity. Instead of withering at home this weekend witnessing something you don’t want, you high tail it out of there and bring a friend to celebrate a birthday. You have a real gift for staying positive and that is going to help you the most right now. It’s really hard to stay positive in the face of negativity, but it’s an empowering gift and you use it well.
    Through the years we’ve marveled at your trips, experiences, adventures and good fortunes. I know I’ve experienced bouts of envy reading about your amazing premieres and making a living doing what you love. Not everyday can be full of rainbows, but for the most part your life is bright, lively and full of loving friends. You’re healthy, young, cute and intelligent, and challenge yourself everyday to be a better person. You’ll get through this weekend and move onto many more fabulous weekends of movies, concerts, events, VIP passes and always really great friends.
    Stay strong!

  • CB

    The sun shone all day in NZ today, such a beautiful day. We are thinking of you. The sun shines on all of us.

  • CB

    The sun shone in NZ today, such a beautiful day. The sun shines on all of us. Kia kaha.

  • avatar

    Sending you good thoughts.

  • Lyss

    Hey Trent,
    I just wanted to say that I am going through a breakup as well and am really down in the dumps right now too. My ex just told me one day “Look I’m back with my ex-girlfriend. No hard feelings, she’s just the one,” all through a text message and I have yet to recover.

    Hang in there, we don’t completely suck, we’re just humans and sometimes have feelings that we find hard to process, My friends keep giving me suggestions about what to do and have been really great in distracting me… but in all honesty, as someone going through the same thing, my advice? Do what you gotta do. If you need a day of sleep and movies, just do it and get it over with.

    All the best

    • @Lyss — <3 <3 <3 Thank you