Spoiler Alert: The Modern Day ‘Bloody Face’ Killer On ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ Has Been Revealed


Fans of American Horror Story: Asylum, like me, know that the second season of the show is quickly winding down. From the start of the second season, AHS has provided, IMHO, fairly good entertainment with grossly engrossing storylines that have — thus far — proven to be scary and disturbing … but in a good way. One of the characters on the show is the Bloody Face killer and his true identity was revealed a few episodes ago. But there is another Bloody Face killer on the show and next week, we will find out the true identity of the second, modern day killer. That being said, the actor who plays the modern day Bloody Face has revealed his identity online by posting a photo of himself on set. If you simply cannot wait and you want to be SPOILED before the next episode of AHS airs next week, click below to find out who is the modern day Bloody Face killer.


Ta-Da! The modern day Bloody Face is AHS season 1 star Dylan McDermott! To be honest, I suspected that he would show up on AHS season 2 at some point, especially since we saw the arrival of AHS season 1 star Frances Conroy on this weeks episode (as the angel of Death). Some of the actors from season 1 have been playing new characters all along in season 2 so it’s really not that much of a surprise that some other alums are appearing on the show near the end of season 2. For the most part, I’ve truly been enjoying AHS: Asylum. I’m afraid that creator Ryan Murphy is going go muck up the show at the end of the season (much like he did at the end of season 1) but I’m going to keep the faith. I like that McDermott has been cast as the new Bloody Face. I can’t wait to see him in action in next week’s ep. Any AHS fans out there? Did you see this coming?


  • nicole

    i figured as much. he made comments a week or so ago about either being back on set, or finishing his filming.

    i still cant figure out if i like this the season or not…i think its going to depend where they go with it & how it ends.

    • @nicole — “i think its going to depend where they go with it & how it ends.”

      Yes, I agree. I liked the first few eps, a lot. The last few eps have been … ok … so …

  • Jill

    I thought the season started out incredibly well but I’m with you Trent, I haven’t been too thrilled (literally) with the most recent episodes.

  • Alicia A. Bentley

    I love the “story” this year, I think changing it up is a neat thing to do. I am really enjoying the actors, and the fact we keep seeing old faces. I am so (squeeeeeeeeeeee) ahem, I mean excited that Dylan is back!

  • Beth

    Totally saw that coming… I think since we saw the whole rape thing last ep that Dylan is the son of Lana Banana & Dr.Bloody Face Threadson.

    • @Beth — !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rachel


      OMG. If your theory turns out to be correct then you are a GENIUS with incredible intuition. Interestingly, Briarcliff is in Massachussetts and Dylan M.’s character from the first season was originally Boston-based before they moved to CA. I wonder if this Modern-Day Bloodyface thing will tie in with Season 1 somehow.


  • DaeDae

    Yes! I’m so glad we got to see Frances back this season. Last episode was hella crazy as usual but I have been yanking hairs out of my head trying to figure out whether Thredson was the present day bloody face or if it is someone else. Knowing that now though, my hope is that Lana didn’t give birth to this crazy present day bloody face. If so, it kind of goes hand in hand with the whole pregnancy of last season and how that came about. I’m rooting for her but considering Grace’s fate this week, no one is safe at this point. My hope is that Sister Jude becomes a big-ass heroine and battles it out with Arden and demonic Mary Euinice. I really hope too that this season ends better than last.

  • Bobby Milford

    I think the episodes have gotten stronger each week as we’ve become more familiar with the characters and are able to see their humanity a little more.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this season. If I had one gripe I’d say less gore and more scares would be nice.

    Jessica Lange is astonishing but every actor seems to bring their A-game.

  • Kristin

    Sadly, I’m not too into this season. I LOVED last season with the “haunted house” theme and how they worked in stories with the Black Dahlia and such. The actors are amazing though and I love how some of the ones from last season are playing completely opposite personalities from last season.

  • Kiki1976

    I feel like the plot movement is a little slow. Little progression each week.