Joss Whedon’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ Will Open In Theaters Next June


Back in September we learned that Joss Whedon’s film production of William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing was picked up by Lionsgate films for distribution in theaters. At the start of this month, we got to see the first promo poster for the film. Today we learn that Much Ado will open in theaters next June. While I would LOVE to see Much Ado in theaters much sooner than next Summer, I am very happy that a release date has been set. Whedon’s take on Shakespeare will be upon us soon … enough.

It’s a big deal when the new movie arrives from the director of one of the biggest movies ever to set box office receipts blazing. But this time it’s a little bit weird, too. Because the director is Joss Whedon, whose film The Avengers became a massive success early this past summer. His next film, however, is something very different: a black and white adaptation of William Shakespeare‘s comedy Much Ado About Nothing. Whedon shot the film with friends on off days from The Avengers; it’s a true indie. Now Roadside Attractions and LiosnGate have decided to release Much Ado About Nothing in a few markets on June 7, 2013, with a wide release to follow on June 21. It could be an interesting experiment, to open the film essentially opposite DC and Warner Bros.’ Man of Steel.

It’s interesting that Much Ado will go up against the Man of Steel himself because I think it’s a genius move. Look, everyone will rush out to see the Superman film but there will be those people who either choose not or cannot get in to see Man of Steel. Those people will have the option to see Much Ado About Nothing. I don’t think anyone is expecting Much Ado to set box office records but I think it’ll do very well. I can’t wait! Wee!!