Halle Berry, Olivier Martinez, And Gabriel Aubry Have Settled Their Beef In Court


The Halle Berry/Olivier Martinez/Gabriel Aubry beef has been so intense, I really did think things wouldn’t get settled until Trent and I faced off in our much-anticipated water pistols/balloon fight. But it’s looking like our friendship (and my hair) will no longer need to be sacrificed in the name of justice, because somehow the three parties have come to some agreement in court, following a Thanksgiving Day brawl like no other. Just days ago, Olivier (Halle’s fiancé) and Gabe (Halle’s ex and babydaddy) were fighting like a couple of seventh grade boys after Gabe showed up at Halle’s home to drop off their daughter Nahla. Gabe was arrested and restraining orders were being thrown every which way; PITNBRS debated  about the possible cause of the fight– and where to place the blame. Now, all seems to be well-ish. It must be a week-after-Thanksgiving miracle! Click inside for more.

TMZ has the report:

The big, big guns just showed up in family court … Blair Berk, who reps Halle, and Shawn Holley, who reps Gabriel. Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ … Berk, Holley and other lawyers spent hours yesterday trying to resolve the differences that led to the explosion of anger in Halle’s driveway.

Berk and Holley straddle both areas of the law — criminal and family — and them showing up together is a sign they may have reached a peace accord. We’re told Halle and Olivier will not be present in court, so it’s highly unlikely either side is asking for an extension of a restraining order since the key witnesses are not there to testify. Gabriel just showed up wearing sunglasses.

And they followed up with this:

Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry have reached a truce in their war over that Thanksgiving Day blowout between Gabriel and Olivier Martinez — and their lawyers announced the peace accord with the simplest possible statement.

Halle’s attorney Blair Berk just walked into the hallway outside court, and held up a piece of paper with this handwritten message: “The parties have reached an amicable agreement. There will be no further statements regarding this matter.

The statement came from Berk and Shawn Holley, Gabriel’s attorney.

As TMZ first reported … both sides were working hard to hammer out an agreement, and went into court today to present their terms to the judge.

Halle and Olivier were not in court today, but Gabriel did show up … sporting shades to hide his gruesome bruises from the fight.

Throughout this whole ordeal, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve had more questions than answers. We never really found out for sure what transpired between Olivier and Gabe, and I think many of us are still wondering if Gabe’s custody win had anything to do with it. It looks like we’ll never find out… unless PITNBR kendra starts dating Gabe (like, a few years from now… you don’t need this drama right now kendra), gets all the deets (slowly, over time, so as not to seem suspicious), and reports back to us some day ;)

Otherwise, we’re pretty much in the dark about the whole thing. And I’m okay with that– I’m just glad to see they’ve come to some kind of agreement like adults, and that they’re not spending more time in court when they should be focusing on that amazing little girl.

[Source] [Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News]

  • kendra

    I hope they made it mandatory that someone else will be the go-between when Gabriel drops off Nahla..Olivier never should have been anywhere near there and they all know it! I STILL say the whole thing was a set-up, but hopefully they can all move on and heal..Especially Gabriel’s pretty little face..

  • ClaireMichelle

    All I know is when I read “Gabriel just showed up wearing sunglasses” I pictured him going to court with nothing on but sunglasses. And I didn’t hate it.

    Hopefully this drama has been put to rest!!

  • nicole

    its sad that it took all this drama for them to finally settle. but im happy for Nahla’s sake they did.

    i just hope its fair for all parties involved & Halle will let up on trying to keep Gabriel away his daughter. and hopefully they were smart enough to get a third party involved in the drop offs.