Wendy Williams Goes Nekkid For PETA


Comedian turned talk show host Wendy Williams is the latest celeb to team up with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals as a model for their I’d Rather Go Naked anti-fur campaign. Wendy was on hand in Times Square in NYC, NY to unveil her massive PETA billboard yesterday afternoon. If you so desire, you can see Wendy in all her nekkid glory clothed only in her weave in the promo photos below. Classic! Did you know that Williams has a “tramp stamp” tattoo on her stomach? True story. Check it out.

Wendy Williams greeted holiday shoppers on Wednesday with a sexy appeal to cross fur off their lists as she unveiled her “Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” ad in Times Square to launch PETA’s national winter campaign. The campaign includes two versions of Williams’ ad, in which she is covered by nothing but long, flowing hair. “We should all try to be comfortable in our own skin and let the animals keep theirs,” says Williams, who once wore real mink and fox but had a change of heart after learning how animals are electrocuted, beaten, and even skinned alive for their fur. In addition to her ad, Williams will encourage her viewers to donate their fur coats to PETA so that they can be given to the homeless. PETA is working with shelters in Williams’ home state of New Jersey on their coat drives this winter, which have seen greater demand as the numbers of the needy and displaced have increased after Hurricane Sandy. Williams joins a growing list of stars—including Eva Mendes, Christy Turlington, and Taraji P. Henson—who have renounced fur and then volunteered to appear in PETA’s iconic naked campaign.

All kidding aside, Wendy looks fabulous. The weave is a bit much and that tattoo, well, no comment on that … but over all, I really like this campaign. Irregardless of what you think of PETA and their tactics, I agree with their anti-fur campaign (which means that I am anti-fur, despite the fact that I do eat meat). Props to Wendy for boldly ditching her clothes for a campaign that she strongly believes in. She looks great don’t she? I mean, stomach stamp tattoo notwithstanding ;)


  • NoVARachel

    Whew, Trent – the grammar nazi inside of me had to comment on this post. There are two grammatical errors in the sub-heading: it should be “She’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur.” (You have “she’s” and “then.”) Sorry had to say something! I’m sure it was an honest mistake :-)

    • @NoVARachel — Whoops. Thanks.

    • NoVARachel

      You’re welc!

    • emily

      Ouch, sorry, one more … last paragraph you have “bolding” when I think you mean “boldly”? I wasn’t going to say anything, but since NoVA already started …. Editing and proofreading is no joke, and you guys are doing it constantly. Usually they are superb posts, grammar freaks approve! But this time, well, you were probably really tired Trent, LOL.
      And I’m glad you support the “I’d rather go naked” campaigns. I know PETA gets a little cray cray sometimes, but at the heart of it they want to protect animals and that’s always a worthy thing.

  • Jstar

    Wendy looks FABOOOO!!!

  • kendra

    Her facial expressions are kind of painful, but her body looks great..Though Tyra would call her out for not modeling H to T in that bottom one..Her feet look a little off..

  • Mark

    You’ve got to watch her show, she’s incredibly open about EVERYTHING. She isnt a comedian, just a former radio host, and she wears wigs because of her thinning hair, and that tramp stamp is to cover up her lipo scar. So sad that I know all that but I told you she’s very open about herself lol.