Watch: Nicki Minaj Features In A New Promo Video For ‘American Idol’


Last week we got to see a new video promo for the forthcoming new season of American Idol that features Mariah Carey all on her own. Today we get to see a new Idol promo video that features only Nicki Minaj. As you can see above, Nicki keeps her infamous temper in check and she actually sounds … professional? HMMMM. I have to admit, I’m very curious to see how Nicki does on the show when American Idol premieres early next year. What do y’all think of Nicki in this video? Has she won you over?

  • Matthew

    I don’t know if Nicki has won me over. I would agree with you Trent, that curiosity is the predominant feeling here. Probably because you never know what you are going to get from Nicki Minaj- but I suspect that’s why she was hired in the first place.

    Hopefully, she does win me over and helps AI. The Voice and the swivel chairs are novel, and the X-Factor a big glitzy flashy mess, but I think this old broom is still the best of these shows out there. I know I’m in the minority though, since everyone is saying the show is old and needs to die.

    • Lauren Kennedy

      I agree with all of this!

  • JCZ

    Totally unrelated, but the screenshot of the video before pressing play. I couldn’t stop staring at the hairline of the wig and then imagining Nicki bald, as if a real life barbie. Just swap and choose to change her look. Maybe this the female version of Ted, a Christmas miracle barbie doll?